And So It Begins…

Here we are in the middle of nowhere central Kansas. I’m adjusting to life on the farm. Dirt roads, cows, eerily quiet nights, no Target (sigh…). I’m still getting used to that last one.

We moved into the house that Brian grew up in. It still looks a lot like it did when he lived here, so we have plans to update some things and make it more to our liking. I thought I would post the floor plan so everyone can get a general idea of the layout we are working with. The house was built around the 1890’s and there have been a couple additions done to it. first floor

The kitchen, entry, laundry, and bath are not original to the house. The original entry way is now a window in the stairwell. So the first floor has sort of flipped around through the years.

second floor

The second floor bath has a clawfoot tub, but no shower. We have to trek down to the first floor by the entry way to shower..(whomp whomp) There are a lot of little quirks like that. Just one of the joys of living in an old home!


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