Mom Jeans

So it happened.

I said I’d never let it happen…

I turned into a mom….Like a mom mom. Might as well get me some mom jeans to complete the transformation.



I’ve let myself go. From my split ends all the way down to my unmanicured toes. I looked at a picture of myself from my Hollis’ baptism and said, “OMG, that’s what I look like?!” Let’s just say I’ve put on a few unwanted pounds. It’s funny how you can be so careful about what goes into your child’s mouth, but not pay attention to what you’re putting into your own body.

I noticed it a while ago, but I kept telling myself, “you’re a new mom, this is what you’re supposed to look like”. Hair pulled back, dark circles under my eyes, no makeup, baggy clothes, baby attached to the hip. But my daughter is about to celebrate her first birthday this month (what?! how is that possible?!), and I feel like I no longer can use the ‘new mom’ excuse anymore. It’s time to make some changes.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving the baby away or anything like that! I’m just setting aside one hour a day for myself. One hour to be totally selfish and focus on me. I’m going to get back into workout mode. Put on my headphones and blast my music, something other than radio Disney or Baby Einstein for a change. This hour will of course, be when the baby needs me the least, and when Brian can help me out. I’d like to get up an hour before she does but that all depends on how well she sleeps the night before. It will most likely be after she goes to sleep for the night, or even during nap time some days (but I’ve learned not to rely too much on nap time for anything).

My hubby was kind enough to pull our treadmill out of storage and set it up in the playroom/gym. I even hung a t.v. in there and got the weights set up. So really, no more excuses. The real reason for writing this post is so that I have to hold myself accountable. I figure if I put it out there for the world to see, then I will be more likely follow through with it.

One hour a day may not seem like a big deal. As a stay-at-home mom I literally spend 24 hours a day with my daughter, seven days a week. There are no breaks, days off, or clocking out for the day. I LOVE every second of it. I would not change it for the world. I am extremely grateful for all of it, but it is wreaking havoc on my appearance. So to help motivate myself to get back into working out, I did some online window shopping for new workout attire. Nothing motivates me more than new clothes.


workout olioboard

Clockwise from Top Left: Old Navy Burnout Tee, Onzie Low Rise CapriPatagonia Glorya Wrap, Onzie Low Rise Capri, Powerhouse Tee, Hard Tail Low Rise Capri, Nike Flex Experience Run 3Zella Studio High/Low Tee, Juno Sports Bra by Moving Parts


There are SO MANY cute workout clothes these days! It makes me want to throw out all of my sweats and make room for cute active wear. I love that I can wear these pieces all day. They are perfect for chasing the baby and getting down on the floor to play with her. They are also cute enough to wear out to run errands without looking like a slob. It would easy to keep them on all day, ready to workout whenever I can squeeze in the time.




2 thoughts on “Mom Jeans

  1. Haha, your first part cracked me up. I too have just noticed I have not painted in my toes in. . . well, who knows, and it is still flip flop season! 🙂

    I do go to my local gym each day which has a great childcare and use it to work out and shower each morning. It gives me some great “me time,” has whipped my butt into the best shape of my life, and I never again state “I didn’t even have time to shower.” 🙂

    Way to go setting aside this time–you will not regret it!


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