Give Mommy Your Candy

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that Halloween is only a couple of weeks away. Which means Christmas is basically tomorrow (or at least if feels like it). I love Halloween, but I have zero decorations up and am just now realizing I better get a costume for my child. Hollis is only one, so this is the best Halloween age….for me. I get to pick out her costume AND get dibs on all her candy!

I know I only get a couple of good Halloweens like this. In just a few short years, she will be begging to dress as some princess that all of her other classmates are dressing up as. And I will have to pick out candy from her stash while she sleeps. So for now I am going to enjoy choosing her costume (ie. something simple that I can make myself) for her.

I love homemade costumes. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with store-bought costumes, but I never had store-bought costumes growing up. Mostly because they looked like this, but also, I had a ‘super mom’ who spent her spare time sewing our costumes.  I appreciate homemade costumes that are cleverly thrown together by things people already have lying around the house. Some people’s creativity just blows me away.

I haven’t picked a costume for Hollis yet, but I’m getting really inspired by these movie character themed costumes.

 864c341b8ba3df8f33a7d311686a9b17A League of Their Own

 sandlot1-680x1024The Sandlot


 6252c151ef77308a38306de7fabb3cfdThe Big Lebowski

Thanks to Pinterest, we no longer have the excuse of not knowing what to be for Halloween. You can literally type in ‘last minute Halloween costume ideas’, ‘cheap Halloween costume ideas’, or ‘super easy costume ideas’ and pages of things will pop up. The hardest part for me is narrowing down the options!


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