Feelin’ Crafty: Pom Pom Curtains

Hope everyone had a great holiday! I’m completely exhausted from ours…in a good way! All the decorating, baking, traveling, shopping, eating, present opening, finding a home for all those awesome new gifts….It’s just a LOT of fun crammed into one holiday. Now I’m feeling re-charged and ready to get back to work. I’ve already even removed all signs of Christmas from the house.

It’s been nice to focus on family and enjoy all the things that come with Christmas and take a little break from any big projects. Although, I have been sneaking little projects in here and there. Most of my projects have been centered around Hollis’ bedroom. I’ve even been stepping out of my comfort zone and trying my hand at new projects, like sewing….which is WAY out of my comfort zone. It’s like, around the block from my comfort zone.

I knew when I bought Hollis’ curtains, that I wanted to add something to them to jazz them up a bit. I really wanted black and white curtains, but never found any that I liked for a toddler’s room. Then I saw these on Pinterest and was inspired to try it myself.  Luckily my mom and grandma had come for a visit a few months ago and gave me a nice little tutorial on how to use my sewing machine. After a quick lesson from them, it all felt a lot less intimidating.

Seriously, if I can do this project, anyone can. Here’s how I did it.

DIY Pom Pom Curtains // thegoldbrickroad.com

I bought just plain white panels from Target (I think they were $10 a panel) and found some black pom pom trim at Hobby Lobby (for $1.99 a yard) to add to them.


You should iron out the panels first, but somehow I missed this step. Then I pinned the trim in place where I wanted to sew it. I almost skipped this step too, but I’m so glad I didn’t because it really helped keep things lined up while I ran it through the sewing machine. Just remember to take your pins out as you go so they don’t mess up your machine’s needle.


Then I just went for it. The prepping took a while but was totally worth it.  I had to use both hands, one to hold the pom poms out of the way of the needle and one to feed the curtain through. Once I got in a good rhythm, each panel only took about five minutes to sew.


Not too shabby for my first time using a sewing machine. This was definitely a good project for a beginner. I just put trim on the inside of my panels, but you could put it on the outside or even both inside and out.

IMG_1383  IMG_1379


I seriously love them. I kind of want to add pom poms to every curtain in the house. I think they are youthful without being too cutesy or childish. And the whole project only took one afternoon. I’m sure it would probably be even faster if you actually have some sewing experience!



The Great Tablescape

I love a good table setting. So much so, that I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to them. My favorite part of decorating for any holiday or party, is the table setting. I just think it’s a really easy way to set the tone for whatever vibe you’re going for. It’s also a fun way to bring out some of my favorite pretties tableware that doesn’t get to see the light of day all year round. This year however, I have not done any kind of tablescape for the holiday. I don’t know what my problem is. Maybe because we don’t have a formal dining room this year, or because my table has been present wrapping central, or because I’m afraid our curious little toddler will pull down any tablecloth or runner and everything on top of it down onto her. (Probably that last reason.) So right now I’m living vicariously through my inspiration boards. I love this modern, rustic design. I like the simple white dishes paired with the pine cones and wood chargers. The simple plaid, or buffalo check, really ties it together.

Of course I love anything gold. So this setting with a mix of gold, white and pink is definitely my jam. I like the height variation they have going on with the candlesticks, deer and trees. The white dishes and clear glasses really help everything else on the table pop!

This next one is pretty fancy shmancy, I’m pretty sure it’s really for a wedding. But how pretty would this be for a holiday dinner table?! I like the neutral color palette. Again, they used wood chargers (need to make me some of those) and just some simple greenery. The all white candles make it feel sophisticated and keep it from being too rustic.

This next one is my favorite. It’s the one my hubby would totally hate. But hello, it’s Kate Spade and it had me at the sequins tablecloth! Simple, sparkly, pretty….’nuff said.

This purple, blue and brown is really not something I would normally gravitate toward, but for some reason I really like it. I like that they used colored plates and tied it together with just some similar colored candles and ornaments. I love how they made a non-traditional holiday color scheme feel Christmas-y.

This one just looks like Christmas to me. I love the crisp, white tablecloth and plates. The all-clear, vases and glasses really help all of the red and green elements stand out. It looks simple and festive all at the same time!

This last one I could really see myself doing (maybe next year). I’m not crazy about the star pattern tablecloth, but I LOVE the monochromatic look. I like that the table is the real star of the show while the rest of the room is really simple with minimal decorations.

Looking at all these pics really make me want to host a holiday party! At the very least, they are inspiring me to clear all the clutter off of our table and use it for it’s actual intended use…eating.

Love That New Carpet Smell

I got the best news the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The carpet company that is installing Hollis’ bedroom carpet called to tell me that they had an opening the following Monday, and would I like them to come install the carpet then instead of waiting until the 15th?…..Um, YES PLEASE!! The furniture that belongs in this room has been cluttering up the hallway and guest room for months and is slowing killing me inside. I think I’m most excited to finally have a place to put it all.

Cut to Monday and me dancing around excitedly awaiting my Hollis’ new carpet, only to get another phone call from them saying that the delivery van hit a deer on the way to our house…..only in the country people. So I had to stop my dancing and luckily only had to wait until the next day. Now we are enjoying that new carpet smell!

Here is what the room looked like with the old, smelly carpet.


Here is what it looks like now. It smells and looks SO much better. Actually the entire second floor started to smell a whole lot better once we ripped out the old musty carpet.



We really debated about whether we wanted to replace the old carpet with new carpet or refinish the hardwoods that are underneath. We decided carpet was our best bet right now since our daughter is just one and will be spending a lot of time playing on the floor. She loves her new carpet by the way!

Choosing carpet was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. There are so many choices out there these days. We went with a textured, low pile. Our floors upstairs are slightly uneven (just part of the charm of an old house). So we needed a low pile so that the doors could swing open and closed and clear the carpet. Even with that said, I am still going to have to trim about 1/4″ off the closet door so that it can swing shut without dragging on the carpet. We went with a taupe-y color and this swirl pattern. It’s nice and cushy, but the low-pile is nice and doesn’t get matted down.


Like I said, I’ve been dying to get the bedroom furniture out of the hallway and back into this room. I waited about 3.5 mins after the carpet installer left to start moving things back into their proper place. I still have LOTS to do in here:

  • add pom-pom trim to curtains
  • find new bedding
  • hang more art
  • find some wall shelves
  • fix ceiling (more on that later)
  • move in the crib
  • find or make a headboard
  • make a canopy??…maybe
  • toy storage


It’s so nice to have all of her things in one room again. And to have a clutter-free hallway again! Here is one more pic from where we started to where we are now. Pretty big change!