Feelin’ Crafty: Growth Chart

There’s nothing like folding and putting away your baby’s clothes to make you realize how quickly they are growing. I seriously feel like I fill a tote of clothes my daughter has outgrown like every other day. It’s crazy. It also made me realize that I should probably be documenting these crazy growth spurts while she is still a somewhat tiny human.

So it dawned on me that I should make Hollis a growth chart. I had one when I was a kid and I loved that thing. I would eat my veggies and drink my milk and then go measure myself to see if those “super foods” really worked or if grown-ups were just lying to us all. I figure my child deserves the opportunity to question me as well.

I started with a pine board that I cut down to 6′. I’m sorry for the lack of pictures, I swear I took some, but they are nowhere to be found! So I will just use my words to describe what went on…

DIY Grown Chart // thegoldbrickroad.comThen I did nothing for a looooong time. This blank piece of wood sat against the wall waiting for me to figure out how to paint it. I knew I wanted something that Hollis would like, of course, but also something that wasn’t too babyish since I have to see it all the time too. Then I stumbled on this pattern which I really loved. I liked the simple geometric pattern (ie. something I can easily replicate with painter’s tape). And I also liked the color combo, I feel like it could work in pretty much any room in our house, which is good because I like to move things around constantly.

So here is where I’m missing some important pics. BUT, as you can see, I painted the board off-white. Then just imagine painter’s tape all over to create the triangles. I started my triangles 2″ over so that I could leave room to add my numbers, then I just followed one row of the pattern above.

DIY Grown Chart // thegoldbrickroad.comNext I printed off the size and font of the numbers I wanted. I’m starting with 2 because I’m hanging my board a foot off the floor.

DIY Grown Chart // thegoldbrickroad.comThen I flipped the paper over and scribbled the backside of each number. This is a little trick I learned from my 5th grade art teacher.

DIY Grown Chart // thegoldbrickroad.comI used my tape measure and ticked off each foot and then all the inches in between. Then I flipped over my paper and traced each number next to it’s tick mark.

DIY Grown Chart // thegoldbrickroad.comTa-da! I love this little trick, it definitely beats cutting each number out and tracing them.

DIY Grown Chart // thegoldbrickroad.comAfter I traced each letter, I went back over them with a paint marker. I also went over all my tick marks, making the foot measurements slightly more prominent than the inch measurements.DIY Grown Chart // thegoldbrickroad.comI still might add a little wood filler to that spot between the 2 and 3. Then I just have to decide where to hang it, and weep my eyes out as I watch my tiny human grow!


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