Window Shopping: Target

I’m not really into Spring cleaning. Winter cleaning is what it’s all about for me. Something about the month of January just makes me want to purge everything and start fresh.  I’ve been cleaning every nook and cranny of this big old house. Organizing closets, filling bags to donate, rearranging furniture,  organizing under the sinks, even cleaning out my car. My hubby even helped out by purging his closet, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do in all the years we’ve been together.

The middle of Winter is also when I start to feel like I need to freshen things up around the house. Nothing major, but a few new decorative pillows or table runner can really help refresh a space without breaking the bank. I’m also finding myself needing storage bins and baskets, I just never seem to have enough of them! Just by switching a few things out, my Winter blahs seem to go away.

It’s no secret that Target is one of my favorite places to shop. They are kind of killing it right now (pretty much always)  with the home decor. I’ve been “window shopping” via online, to get some ideas. Here are some things I’m considering for the home.


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