Feelin’ Crafty: Jewelry Organizer

DIY: Jewelry Organizer // thegoldbrickroad.com

I dislike clutter. Especially when it keeps me from finding my favorite pieces of jewelry.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been keeping my necklaces and earrings in a small jewelry box and a couple of small ceramic dishes that I’ve collected over the years. The problem is, I forget what pieces of jewelry I have when they are hiding away out of sight. Or I go to look for a necklace I really want to wear, and it’s tangled in a mass of gold and silver chains. In the end, I usually just give up and end up not wearing ANY jewelry out of frustration.

I came to the conclusion, that I could be better accessorized on a daily basis if I could organize my jewelry in way where I could easily see all of my options. So I came up with a really simple shelf that could hang on the wall and display all of my trinkets. I just used scrap wood from previous projects and leftover paint, which made this project really cheap too!

I cut my two pieces of scrap wood down so that they were the same length. I wanted one a little wider than the other because I’m wanting it to overhang to create a shelf.

DIY: Jewelry Organizer // thegoldbrickroad.com

DIY: Jewelry Organizer // thegoldbrickroad.com I just screwed my two pieces of wood together to save time. You could easily use some wood glue and nails too if you prefer. I screwed the wider piece to the top of the slimmer piece to create my shelf.

DIY: Jewelry Organizer // thegoldbrickroad.com After I attached my two pieces together, I measured and marked one inch increments where I planned on drilling my tiny holes.

DIY: Jewelry Organizer // thegoldbrickroad.com I used a thin drill bit to make holes for my little gold hooks. I drilled two rows, one along the bottom of the overhang side of my shelf and one along the bottom of the base that will be up against the wall.  I stuck one in to make sure my holes were large enough. I also made two larger holes were I could screw my shelf into the wall.

DIY: Jewelry Organizer // thegoldbrickroad.com These hooks have been sitting in my toolbox FOREVER. I don’t know why we had so many of them, but I was excited to put them to use.

DIY: Jewelry Organizer // thegoldbrickroad.com Then I grabbed some leftover paint (from our bathroom) and applied two thin coats.

DIY: Jewelry Organizer // thegoldbrickroad.com Next comes the fun part….just kidding. It’s kind of tedious, to be honest, but it’s super easy. I screwed all my little gold hooks into place.

DIY: Jewelry Organizer // thegoldbrickroad.com Done! Now I just have to pick a spot to hang it. See, super easy?

DIY: Jewelry Organizer // thegoldbrickroad.com You can see I got some navy up on the wall. I’m so in love with it, I can’t wait to finish and show you the ‘big reveal’! I chose to hang my jewelry over my dresser. It is so nice to free up some space on that bad boy.

DIY: Jewelry Organizer // thegoldbrickroad.com I got my level out and screwed my shelf into the wall. I was able to screw it into the studs so I didn’t have to anchor it. I don’t plan on hanging anything too heavy on it anyway, but I definitely don’t want it falling down.

DIY: Jewelry Organizer // thegoldbrickroad.com Of course the real fun part was sifting through and untangling all my lovely things and putting them on display.

DIY: Jewelry Organizer // thegoldbrickroad.com That extra ledge is really handy, it allowed me to get even more crap stuff off my dresser.

DIY: Jewelry Organizer // thegoldbrickroad.com

DIY: Jewelry Organizer // thegoldbrickroad.com I just love being able to see everything all at once. It’s like artwork and organization all in one. I love simple, quick projects that make my life easier!


Inspirado: Master Bedroom

I’m so excited to finally get around to painting our master bedroom. We bought a brand new king size bed (which is heaven by the way) when we moved into this house, but other than that, we haven’t touched anything in our bedroom. So now that little miss’ room is complete, I feel less guilty moving on to our room even though I have lots of rooms on the main floor that still need attention. I’m afraid if I don’t get the master done now, it will be years before I get around to it.

I feel like our bedroom has been kind of a hodgepodge of a room. So I really want this makeover to feel more cohesive and grown up. I got the idea of a moody, dark bedroom in my head and now I can’t picture anything else. I’ve been looking at navy bedrooms and….I’m OBSESSED. I’ve already bought paint and had to get some on the walls immediately. I’m so in love with the color, I love it so much I would marry it…if I wasn’t already married that is. I don’t usually go for such dark colors, but navy really is the best color ever. It goes with practically everything. It’s like your favorite pair of blue jeans, but on the wall.

Here is a peek at some of my inspiration:

I really love the monochromatic look of these rooms. I like the whites, blues, browns, and grays together. They all feel really grown up and modern. You could easily add more color in if you wanted, I have yet to find a color I didn’t like with navy.  I made a mood board with some pieces I have and some that I’m pining over.