Fun With Neutrals

I’ve been busy playing in painting in the playroom lately. I complain about the lack of wall space in this room, but when it comes to painting, it’s actually pretty awesome and makes for a quick paint job. And quick is good, because all the toys that are normally in the playroom have been cluttering up the living room all week and I’m suddenly reminded of how awesome it is to have a playroom to keep my sanity!

The room started out a deep, wine red color. I decided I wanted something a little lighter and more neutral since I knew there would be lots of color going on with all the toys and things in the room.

What I didn’t want is the room to be too neutral (i.e. boring). So I’m trying a sort of “whimsical” paint job. I was really inspired by some two-tone paint jobs I have seen on Pinterest. I thought it would be a good way to keep things neutral but still shake things up a little. I’ve never done anything like this, so I was a little nervous, but I’m liking it so far….and it’s just paint if I change my mind.

rec room // rec room // rec room //

I started with a taupey-gray color. I painted about 6′ up the wall and left the rest for color #2. My original plan was to tape the wall off and do a straight edge all the way across, but I got a wild hair and ended up doing a free-handed cloud shape instead. Above you can see I painted my shape before the second color just to get an idea of where I wanted it to start and stop.

rec room //

To pick color #2, I just went up two shades on my color sample sheet. That’s a really safe way to pick a color in the same tone. It would have been really fun to do a bright pop of color here instead, but again, I knew I would be bringing in a lot more color into the room. I filled in my top color and then went back with a small brush and cleaned up my free-hand cloud shape to make it more crisp.

rec room //

rec room //

rec room // thegoldbrickroad.comI’m still working on few projects in here, and furniture rearranging, but I thought I’d at least share the paint transformation. I just love how the wood trim really pops now. (Please pretend like the office is super clean and organized mmkay?!) I can’t wait to share the rest next week!


Treat Yo Self: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I’m still new to this whole Mother’s Day thing (I’ve only celebrated one), but so far I’m a big fan of it.  And I know it’s a few years off, but I’m excited for the days when Hollis will bring maccaroni art and adorable scribbled cards home from school for Mother’s Day. I still remember making those things for my mom and feeling pretty solid that my handmade creation was the greatest gift ever, and I’m sure my mom felt the same way.

Since Mother’s Day is only a  few weeks away, I thought I’d compile a list of ideas for that special mom in your life….or for yourself!


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

mothers day1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10


A nice new robe. These are especially handy for when you have to jump out of the shower to see why your child is screaming or why they are being suspiciously quiet. I love this black and white window pane print. Or An extra pretty robe for when you want to feel like a lady. Also good for throwing on and hiding baby spit-up or yogurt smears from your littles.


What mama doesn’t need simple, pretty earrings that go with practically everything? I love a classic stud that I can wear from day to night. Or a really pretty statement earring that can dress up any outfit and get her plenty of compliments!

Beauty Products

 This one can be a little tricky as some women are pretty particular about their beauty products. But a safe bet would be to stick with a really luxe feeling body lotion or a nice body scrub. Plus all that lotioning and exfoliating can snag her/you a few extra minutes in the shower. Anything that makes her feel pampered is a good thing!

Nice Pj’s

 I admit I usually consider an old t-shirt as proper sleep attire, but sometimes it’s really nice to put on something that looks nice and makes you feel like a lady. The only matching pj sets I own are ones that were gifted to me. I never buy nice pj’s for myself, but I LOVE getting them as gifts.

Customized Jewelry

Jewelry is awesome. Jewelry that reminds you of your sweet little babes is extra awesome. I think these matching mom and daughter bracelets are just so stinking cute. They come in cute colors and can be customized with little charms. Or a dainty initial necklace with your little ones initials will go with anything and keep them close to your heart. Awwww…

Toddler Room Update

Hollis' Room // It’s been a while since I’ve talked about Hollis’ room so I thought I’d give a little update. Her room is constantly evolving and changing depending on her current needs. The biggest change being that we have taken down her crib (sob!) and put up her toddler bed. She has been sleeping in it for a while now and is doing really well sleeping through the night….just not sleeping through the night in her own room. She likes her toddler bed, but it allows a little too much freedom and she climbs out and wanders. I’m super paranoid about her wandering down the stairs in the middle of the night or getting into something she’s not supposed to, so for now we’ve moved her bed into our room where I can keep tabs on her until she gets used to staying put.

Hollis' Room // I also ended up getting her some new bedding for her big girl bed that she will use eventually and for now is an extra bed for when we have guests. I had my heart set on a nice white fluffy bedspread, but I just couldn’t find one that I really liked. I found this black and floral number at Target and liked how it brought out the black detail on the curtains and felt a little more cool and not so cutesy.

Hollis' Room // I also repurposed some furniture for her room. I love repurposing furniture, it’s such an easy way to save a little money and to customize a piece. The nightstand in her room is an old side table that Brian and I have had in every place we’ve lived together. It’s been many different colors and used for many different things. Most recently, I took it from orange to white and gold to match her room.

The dresser in her room was one of my first projects for her nursery in our old house. I painted it white and mint with some gold hardware to go in her mint green nursery, but I love that it still works in her new room too. Hollis' Room //

Hollis' Room // I picked up this little shelf at a flea market for a whopping $5 and thought I could use it in her room for books or toys. It was a nice sturdy shelf, but the finish was pretty worn and ugly.

Hollis' Room // I covered it with a good primer and gave it a fresh coat of paint. I added a back to it, because I kept picturing tiny toys falling behind it. I just used a piece of foam core board which I cut down to size, then sprayed it with adhesive and attached a fun fabric to it. After that I just attached the whole thing with some tiny nails.

Hollis' Room // I like how it turned out, but the shelves on it are actually quite short. It makes it hard to put very many books or toys on it. So I’ve moved it to the closet which was needing something for shoe storage. The shelves are just the right height for little shoes and there is room to grow for bigger shoes too. It really fits in there perfectly, happy accident!

Hollis' Room // Hollis' Room // Hollis' Room // Well now you are up-to-date….I’m sure it will change again in a few weeks. Toddlers, am I right?!

And just for fun, here is another look from where it all started. Hollis' Room //


Inspirado: Rec Room

So I’ve been putting off working on the rec room for months. This room is seriously stumping me. We’ve designated the large room in the back of the house, that is connected to the office, as our rec room. It’s a great space, but with two large windows and two large doorways, there just isn’t much wall space to work with which makes laying out the furniture tricky. The other problem is that I’m asking a lot from this one room. It basically needs to serve as a gym, extra guest room, t.v. room, and mostly a playroom.

rec room // thegoldbrickroad.comThe room will mostly be occupied by our daughter right now. It houses the majority of her toys, and there is a t.v. and sofa in there for her to watch her shows (also for me to watch my shows when the hubby commandeer the t.v. in the living room). Even though it is a room she will use a lot, I want it to be a space that kids and adults are comfortable in. I want the decor to be kid-friendly but not over the top.

I’ve collected some pics for inspiration.

^Love this idea of a two-toned paint job. I love these colors, but I will probably go a little more neutral to keep it a bit more sophisticated.

^ Our room desperately needs storage and I really like what they’ve done here by using the storage units to section off part of the room. Such a good way to define a space!

^ I also like this idea of using paint to define a small space. Maybe I can make Hollis a little “house” in a corner for her play kitchen and baby dolls.

^ Such a cool idea for a non-traditional dollhouse AND the shelves would be super functional when the kiddos older. I just have to find the wall space for it…If I can’t find it in the rec room, then I may have to do it in her bedroom.

^ We have a play kitchen already, that was graciously handed down to us from Hollis’ cousins, but when she outgrows it, it would be fun to customize one for her like this.

Here’s an inspo board for what I’m hoping to incorporate. I’d like it to be mostly neutral with some fun pops of color.

rec room //

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Lots to do! Luckily it’s a lot of fun projects. Here is a glimpse at my to list:

  • find storage for toys
  • paint the walls
  • find or make curtains
  • designate a play area
  • designate the “gym”
  • make a cozy space for t.v. watching
  • designate an area for art
  • find some fun artwork
  • find a sofa bed/futon for extra room for guests
  • make Hollis a “house” with play kitchen and other toys