Treat Yo Self: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I’m still new to this whole Mother’s Day thing (I’ve only celebrated one), but so far I’m a big fan of it.  And I know it’s a few years off, but I’m excited for the days when Hollis will bring maccaroni art and adorable scribbled cards home from school for Mother’s Day. I still remember making those things for my mom and feeling pretty solid that my handmade creation was the greatest gift ever, and I’m sure my mom felt the same way.

Since Mother’s Day is only a  few weeks away, I thought I’d compile a list of ideas for that special mom in your life….or for yourself!


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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A nice new robe. These are especially handy for when you have to jump out of the shower to see why your child is screaming or why they are being suspiciously quiet. I love this black and white window pane print. Or An extra pretty robe for when you want to feel like a lady. Also good for throwing on and hiding baby spit-up or yogurt smears from your littles.


What mama doesn’t need simple, pretty earrings that go with practically everything? I love a classic stud that I can wear from day to night. Or a really pretty statement earring that can dress up any outfit and get her plenty of compliments!

Beauty Products

 This one can be a little tricky as some women are pretty particular about their beauty products. But a safe bet would be to stick with a really luxe feeling body lotion or a nice body scrub. Plus all that lotioning and exfoliating can snag her/you a few extra minutes in the shower. Anything that makes her feel pampered is a good thing!

Nice Pj’s

 I admit I usually consider an old t-shirt as proper sleep attire, but sometimes it’s really nice to put on something that looks nice and makes you feel like a lady. The only matching pj sets I own are ones that were gifted to me. I never buy nice pj’s for myself, but I LOVE getting them as gifts.

Customized Jewelry

Jewelry is awesome. Jewelry that reminds you of your sweet little babes is extra awesome. I think these matching mom and daughter bracelets are just so stinking cute. They come in cute colors and can be customized with little charms. Or a dainty initial necklace with your little ones initials will go with anything and keep them close to your heart. Awwww…


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