Going Green

I knew right away that I wanted to do a bold color on the walls in the guest room. It was just a matter of choosing the right bold color. I mentioned to Brian that I was really leaning towards something like a Kelly green and was really surprised to hear that he was 100% on board for that! I was fully expecting to have to defend my choice or talk him into it, but he was totally into it. He even helped my pick the right shade of green that wouldn’t feel like an eye irritant. I took his advice and chose a little more muted shade of green than what I originally had in mind, and it was definitely a better choice.

Going Green // thegoldbrickroad.com It’s just so pretty.

Going Green // thegoldbrickroad.comMy only real inspiration for this room, is an antique bedspread from my grandmother’s attic. I really wanted to bring out the green in it.

Going Green // thegoldbrickroad.comAs with all of my paneled rooms, I started cutting in around the trim and filling in the grooves with a brush, then finished filling in the rest of the walls with a roller. I find this process to be the fastest and most efficient way for me.

Going Green // thegoldbrickroad.com Going Green // thegoldbrickroad.com My favorite little helper even got in on the action.

Going Green // thegoldbrickroad.comI left the little built-in nook area for last. I decided removing the shelves would be the easiest way to get them stained and the walls painted without making a huge mess.

Going Green // thegoldbrickroad.com Sadly, I couldn’t get the desktop out without a big ordeal, so I will just have to stain it in place and paint around it carefully.

Going Green // thegoldbrickroad.comI also had to remove the closet door for staining and expose the mess that was hiding behind it. Organizing that closet has jumped significantly higher on my to-do list after having to stare at that mess for a few days in a row.

So that’s where we are now…We are really loving the color so much already! I can’t wait to see it with the wood all stained and new bedding on the bed.


Gift Guide: Father’s Day

Father’s Day is one of those holidays that constantly sneaks up on me. Like every. single. year. I find the guys in my life are pretty hard to buy things for. Anytime I ask what they want, it’s usually followed with an, ‘I don’t care’ or ‘I don’t know…whatever.’ Not helpful, guys! My usual go-to gift is an Amazon gift card or a tool of some sort, but sometimes I like to shake things up and give them something that they’re not expecting. I have come up with a list of gifts that I have yet to hear guys complain about receiving.

Gift Guide: Father's Day // thegoldbrickroad.com

1. Fitbit. My guy loves gadgets. And what’s better than a gadget attached to his wrist that he can play with all day? These are great for tracking your activity and sleep. My favorite part is that they have a silent alarm so that my husband and I can wake up at different times without waking the other.

2. Lab Series Face Scrub and Shave Gel. My hubbyΒ  has been using these since way back when we were dating. He loves this stuff and it’s very rare for him to get excited about toiletries. I’ve even caught myself using the invigorating face scrub “accidentally” and I agree, it’s pretty awesome.

3. Slippers. I love slippers. And I just sort of assume everyone else does too. This pair is great because they are nice and sturdy and have a hard sole. Great for slipping on to run the trash out to the dumpster.

4. Yeti Thermos. I had never heard of Yeti until my husband pointed out their insanely expensive coolers to me. Yeah….$400 for a cooler isn’t happening anytime soon, but I might compromise and splurge on a 20 oz. thermos!

5. Power Bank. Another good gadget. Keep your cell phone or other compatible devices charged when you’re on the go. My husband farms so he is outdoors most of the day and usually away from a cell phone charger so this little gadget is a lifesaver.

6. Favorite Sports Team Shirt. We love our Kansas City Royals around here, and my husband wears their shirts until they fall apart.

7. Tickets. Even better than his favorite sports team shirt….tickets to a game!

Inspirado: Guest Room

If things continue the way they have been, I’m going to have to start referring to the 3rd bedroom as the junk room instead of the guest room. I have been using it as a dropping off zone for tools, paint, extra decor, Hollis’ old baby stuff and there is a stack of totes so high that it is basically screaming “I will topple over on you if you get too close.” So to help my guests avoid certain death, I need to get my butt in gear and start treating this as a proper guest room.

The only before shots I have are from when we first moved in and where using it as Hollis’ nursery. So just picture the shelves and bed covered with junk and a super tall stack of totes where the dresser is.

Inspirado: Guest Room // thegoldbrickroad.com Inspirado: Guest Room // thegoldbrickroad.com Inspirado: Guest Room // thegoldbrickroad.comThis room was actually my husbands when he grew up here so it’s funny/weird to picture a tiny little Brian sleeping and playing in here! As you can see it’s just a boring, brown box right now. I don’t even have anything hanging on the walls and the bed and bedding are leftover from our last master bedroom. Overall the room is small-ish, it’s the smallest of the three bedrooms but, I do really like the built-in shelves/desk area and the closet is a nice size. There are three windows in the room too, that plus the size, make it a little tricky to arrange furniture.

We do have guests stay here pretty regularly, so I would love for the room to just be a designated guest room and not a place to store all my stuff that I’m too lazy to find a real home for. I really think I want to do a bold color in here to add some interest. Since I’m limited on space, I need a way to make a big impact without bringing a lot of furniture or accessories in. We have to keep the bed, even though the bed frame is a little large for the space, we’re just not ready to part with it yet. I’m toying with the idea of swapping this bed for the bed in Hollis’ room, which is also a queen but doesn’t have such a large bed frame….but I’m not sure yet.

Here are some photos I pulled for inspiration…

I love the eclectic feel of this bedroom. I just love the mix of that bold wall color, bright white bedding, florals and golds.

I love that first pic so much that I pinned this other pic of it, not realizing it was the same bedroom just from a different angle!

I’m obsessed with this Kelly green wall color. I NEED it in my life. I think the guest room would be a great place to use it.

I’m currently using the closet in the guest room to its max capacity. I like this idea of having a place to store extra linens in the room and having them easily accessible to guests. (I do NOT want some poor unassuming guest to perish in my home because they opened the closet to look forΒ  a blanket and drowned in a pile of crap I probably don’t even need.)

Speaking of the closet. I really like this idea of adding some type of mirror to the bi-fold door. The room needs a mirror anyway, and it dresses the doors up a bit.

And here’s a peek at my to-do list:

  • paint the walls
  • find some new bedding
  • remove anything that doesn’t actually belong in the room
  • stain the built-in shelves/desk and closet doors (I’d like them to match the trim in the room and currently they are a few shades lighter)
  • add mirrors to bi-fold door….maybe
  • hang artwork
  • install roller shades (the room has three windows facing, East, South, and North so it gets crazy bright in there)
  • find new curtains
  • organize the closet and leave some room for guests to hang clothes
  • find dresser/cabinet for linens



Feelin’ Crafty: No Sew Curtains

When I was redoing the playroom, I went back and forth on whether or not I needed curtains in there. The two windows in the room are large, original windows. One faces North and one faces West. The North facing window is surrounded by a line of trees and really doesn’t need any window treatment on it, while the West facing window gets some sun in the afternoon/evening.

I originally thought about something really simple like wood blinds or even a nice roller shade. I wasn’t crazy about the idea of really nice curtains that will probably get used and abused by my toddler. BUT, because the windows are not a standard size, I knew that nice blinds or roller shades would be pretty pricey. So I needed to come up with some cheap curtains that would diffuse some sunlight, but that don’t cost an arm and a leg in case they get destroyed or I change my mind and decide to go with something custom.

531675c17415b970c245ee57a4b61da9I found these curtains at Target a while back and immediately liked them. They were just what I wanted as far as the color, and they didn’t feel too grown up or too childish for our shared playroom/rec room. What I didn’t like about them was the length or the pocket top. I wanted them a little shorter, long enough to cover the entire window, but short enough that my child hopefully won’t be tempted to mess with. I also wanted a grommet top or to add clips to the top so that the curtains would slide open and closed easily over the curtain rod.

After much debate, I decided to pull the trigger and buy them, only to find out that Target no longer carries them….That’s what I get for thinking too much. But the good news is that they carry the exact same design only in the form of a shower curtain. My first thought was, ‘how ghetto would it be if I hung a shower curtain on my window?’. Then, I thought with a little modification, they might actually work.

A standard shower curtain is 72″ x 72″, so I ordered two curtains and planned on cutting them in half so that I would have two 36″ wide panels for each window. A standard curtain is 54″ wide, so these are significantly more narrow than a regular curtain would be, but my windows are less than 72″ wide, so I wasn’t too worried about it. I also ordered some brushed nickel shower curtain rings to match the curtain rods I had already bought.

Feelin' Crafty: No Sew Curtains // thegoldbrickroad.comI had to break out the iron and attempt to get out some of the major wrinkles out.

Feelin' Crafty: No Sew Curtains // thegoldbrickroad.comAs you can see, I didn’t get them ALL out. Then I folded it in half lengthwise and cut them in half. Feelin' Crafty: No Sew Curtains // thegoldbrickroad.comAfter I cut them, I folded over the cut edge about 3/4″ to match the already hemmed edge on the other side. I just needed it wide enough fit my 5/8″ wide Stitch Witchery under. If you’ve never used Stitch Witchery, it’s the greatest invention ever, especially if your sewing skills are questionable like mine are. It is also super cheap, I got mine at Wal-Mart for around $2.

0217151349aFeelin' Crafty: No Sew Curtains // thegoldbrickroad.comAfter I got the hem pinned and my Stitch Witchery under it, I ironed it flat.Feelin' Crafty: No Sew Curtains // thegoldbrickroad.comSuch and easy and quick project. All I had to do after ironing, is add my shower rings and hang them up. I love how easy they are to slide open and closed. We generally leave them open most of the time, but they are nice to have on an especially sunny day.

Feelin' Crafty: No Sew Curtains // thegoldbrickroad.comFeelin' Crafty: No Sew Curtains // thegoldbrickroad.comFeelin' Crafty: No Sew Curtains // thegoldbrickroad.comI wouldn’t recommend going this route if you really want to block out a lot of sunlight. If this was a bedroom, I would definitely have put up something heavier. I still may add a blind or shade of some sort behind the curtains at some point. Or I could sew or Velcro on a light-blocking panel to the back of the curtains. For now though, these curtains do the trick and take the edge off the sunlight we get and add some privacy.