Garden Table

My days are quite chaotic lately with a 2 year old and 2 month old. I’ve learned if I want to get anything done, that morning is my best bet. I can almost guarantee a nap from Bowen around 10am, (and now that I’ve typed that and shouted it out on the interwebs, he will probably never do it again…) so while he’s napping, Hollis and I head out to the yard to work in our garden. The weather is so perfect that time of day, it’s not super hot and Hollis gets to run around and work up an appetite for lunch. It’s our favorite time of day.

I especially love our new garden table.  I showed Brian some pics that I had pinned of garden beds I was thinking of making and he volunteered to build me one. I was planning on helping and taking process photos for the blog, but he and his dad built it in one afternoon and didn’t think to take any pics because, you know…they are not bloggers. So this isn’t a typical DIY post, but you can still see the outcome and get an idea of how they built it.


The whole thing is 30″ x 60″ and 40″ tall. Brian used 4″ x 4″ posts for the legs and 2″ x 12″ boards for the sides. We also bought some durable window screening to lay across the bottom and allow water to drain. They used 2″ x 4″ boards for support underneath the screen and also across the legs for support.



We used pre-treated wood, but we still need to paint or stain everything so it will last longer. IMG_3148

We still have our garden from last year where we planted potatoes, asparagus, okra, zucchini and squash. So in our table we planted some brussel sprouts, chives, green onions, cilantro, rosemary, carrots and one eggplant just to see how it does. So far everything is doing really well. Our brussel sprouts have quadrupled in size in just a couple of weeks. I love that I don’t have to bend over and break my back pulling weeds and the rabbits can’t reach my green goods.


I also planted some Zinia’s  and Mums in my pots to try to keep bugs away….we’ll see if it works!


Brian and I have had really good luck planting tomatoes in pots. Last year we tried them in the ground in our garden and they did okay, but not nearly as well as when we pot them. So this year we decided to stick with what works for us and went back to planting them in large plastic tubs, I’ve got Roma’s in a tub on one side of the table and cherry tomatoes in a tub on the other side.

I know it’s still early, but so far I’m LOVING my garden table. The size is much more manageable for me than our large ground garden. It doesn’t feel overwhelming at all. Maybe next year I can talk Brian into building me a second one….:)


Mini Makovever: Living Room

Okay so…some may argue that painting an entire room isn’t a “mini” makeover, BUT I’m counting this as one because 1.) our living room is not very large 2.) there isn’t a lot of paintable wall space with all of the doorways, trim, faux brick wall and windows 3.) it was totally free. The whole makeover only took two days and honestly I could’ve gotten it done in a lot less time, but I have a newborn who requires a lot of my attention…and I’m happy to take a break that involves some baby cuddles. 🙂

I had zero intention of making over the living room last weekend. It’s a funny thing, having a new baby makes me notice little things I normally wouldn’t pay much attention to.  I find myself sitting (nursing) A LOT. Like all day and night. While sitting and nursing Bo for like the millionth time, I was staring at our faux brick wall in the living room next to the t.v. and decided that I wasn’t crazy about the shelves hanging on it. Which led to me thinking that I was kind of tired of looking at all the things on the shelf. Which led to me noticing all the paint touch-ups I needed to do in the room. Which led me to thinking I need to repaint the whole room. This is how my brain works. It’s exhausting.

I liked the blue that was in here, but when we first moved here, I wanted some color on the walls so badly that I just grabbed what we had without thinking it through too much. The paint I used was not originally meant for painting paneling. I also only had enough to paint the room and not a drop more. So every time the walls got scratched (which happened because I didn’t use the right paint) or I moved something hanging on the wall, I didn’t have anything to do touch-ups with. My only options were to get more paint for touch-ups or to start over with new paint. I decided to just suck it up and re-paint with paint meant for paneling. I went with a light beige with gray undertones that I had on hand to freshen things up and keep things neutral so that I could change other things in the room or leave them as is.


This is the wall that started this makeover. See how dinky that little shelf looks? I got a second shelf to add to the wall to help balance things out, but it still wasn’t really doing it for me. The shelves just sort of faded into the white, brick wall. So I decided to paint the metal brackets black instead of brushed nickel to help them stand out a little more.


I also added some black frames to bring some more contrast to the wall and I think it helps a lot. Please ignore the hideous wires under the t.v., I am still trying to figure out what to do with those guys.



You can see the rest of the room hasn’t changed a whole lot. Same curtains (though I’m looking for new ones) and furniture. I switched out some of the accessories and moved some things around. I’m planning on adding some bamboo roman shades to these windows to match what we have in the kitchen and hallway. We are also looking to add some more seating in here. I would like to add a loveseat or small sofa, but the hubs wants a recliner so……yeah. We’ve yet to agree on anything.


I still have a few things to hang on the walls, but I like this new direction the room has taken. Things were starting to feel cluttered and kind of crazy in here. It feels good to change things up every so often without re-doing everything.











Color Crush: Dark Blue-Green


If you’ve followed this blog for a little while, then you probably know of my love of color. Lately I’m really into a bold, dramatic wall color. I just wish I had more rooms to use it in.  I’ve done navy in the master, and Kelly green in the guest room. Right now I’m crushing on a deep, dark teal. A perfect combo of blue and green. To me, teal can feel a little bit cutesy, or childish sometimes (like something my 12 year old self would be allll over), but this dark, moody version is super sophisticated.

I just love how it can stand out on it’s own, or take the backseat and act as a neutral. It looks good with so many colors, but I’m especially loving it with golds, greens, and creams. If you can’t commit to a room, I really like the idea of trying it out on a piece of furniture like that bathroom vanity! What do you think? Are you loving this color or hating it?