My Own Corner Office…

Corner of the living room, that is.

When we moved into this house I had grandiose ideas of Brian and I sharing an office. A cozy little space where we could each have a desk and stare over our computer screens loving at each other…but I soon came back to reality and realized that it just wasn’t meant to be.

We have a great sized office, plenty of room for two. The problem is, my husband and I have very, very, very different work styles. I am a very visual person and I need my workspace to be clean and clutter free or I cannot focus on my task. And without throwing Brian under the bus, I will just say that he does NOT work that way. What looks like complete chaos to me, totally makes sense to him. He has a lot going on, and really needs all the room he can get. So for the sake of our marriage, I have graciously bowed out and given him full range of the office. Now I mostly just close the door and stay out!

I have been working on my laptop all over the house without any real designated space for myself. I had been setting up at the kitchen table for the last couple of years, but with two little ones and living out here on the farm, I feel like I am ALWAYS in the kitchen cooking, cleaning, and handing out snacks. So I started to search for a spot in the house where I could set up a little desk and have a place to leave my laptop and work stationed and not have to keep picking up and moving everything. I ended up stealing a little corner of the living room. It’s a nice, central location where I can see/hear the kids while I try to get some work done.

After I had my spot scouted, I just needed a desk. I wanted something pretty low profile that would fit in the corner of the room. I stumbled upon an old mid-century style desk in the attic. I really liked the size, and it was in good shape. It was also really lightweight (ie. easy to get down from the attic). Luckily it belonged to Brian’s mom and with her permission, I got it out and set it up while I tried to figure out if I should paint it or stain it.


I decided to do both.  The desk is not real wood so I couldn’t sand it too much and stain it. So I used a polystain on everything but the legs and drawers. I love polystain, it’s so easy to use and added the dark wood color I wanted. For the legs and drawers, I just removed them and spray painted them black. I thought about painting the handles too, but I left them gold for now.







It’s been really nice having my own designated work space where I can be creative and focus…and ignore all the shenanigans going on behind me in the living room. My only complaint is that I need a new chair for my desk. I love this chair that I’ve been using which I talked about here, but it really belongs in another spot in the house. It’s also only really comfortable to sit in for about 30-45 min. I need something a tad cushier. I’ve been looking a little bit and so far this is what I’m thinking. Not necessarily this one, but something similar.

If anyone sees something similar for a good deal, let a girl know!!




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