So, I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything here. It honestly feels like forever since I’ve sat down and completed an actual thought, let alone wrote about it on the blog. Life has been busy, and we got some very surprising news….


While we are very happy about the news, we didn’t have babies on the brain at all. In fact, I think we both felt our little family was complete. I had slowly been giving our baby stuff away to friends and family. (Luckily we still have a ton of baby stuff for this little nugget.) Needless to say, the news of baby #3 sort of spun me around and knocked me on my butt!

I’m just now feeling like the dust has kind of settled and I am embracing this pregnancy. Things have been going well, all the yucky morning sickness is mostly gone and I’m feeling a little more like myself. Brian and I have decided to not find out the gender of this babe. We found out with both of our other kids, but we thought it would be fun this time around since we have plenty of boy stuff and girl stuff, to experience being surprised in the delivery room.

I’m hoping to post a few projects that I have (slowly) been working on. Of course, the new addition to our family will bring on more projects. My head is spinning with ideas, but most will have to wait until I know the gender and which child of ours will be gaining a roommate!


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