Refreshing Neutrals

After living in this old farmhouse for the last few years, I’m finding myself really starting to embrace this whole ‘modern farmhouse’ trend that is happening right now. (Thank you Joanna Gaines, am I right?!) I fought it for a long time, but I just keep gravitating toward it and I figure what better time to embrace this look then when I’m actually LIVING in a FARMHOUSE. You have probably noticed from my last few projects that things are becoming a lot more neutral.

Our entry way has been in need of some TLC for a while now. It is really the only entrance that we use so it gets a lot of traffic. There are scuff marks on the walls and the trim and it was just starting to feel kind of meh in there. I painted it a mint green when we first moved in and had a little accent paint on the walls, but I was ready for something new. Something fresh. It is such a small space, I decided to just go ahead and paint it a nice neutral color to clean it up and brighten the space up a bit.



These pics were taken right after the I painted in here when we first moved in. Over the years, not much has changed except the door has been painted a dark navy. And that door across from the front door that leads into the office has been removed.


I painted the entry with a creamy off-white color. Valspar’s Asiago which I also used in the kid’s bedroom. It looks so much better with that navy door than the mint green did. I also mentioned in my last post that I want to add molding to these doors off the entry and paint them black, so I think this creamy neutral will look great with that.


I switched out the old mirror to this trio of mirrors to add a little more interest. I couldn’t find the right spot for them in the house, but so far, I like them here. I ended up painting the coat rack hooks black to add a little more contrast. Black spray paint is my BFF lately. I’ve been using it on everything. I also have been trying to add a little greenery to each room in the house. These are faux, but I don’t care, I love them and they are zero maintenance. I ‘planted’ them in these old metal grain elevator buckets that we have scattered around the farm. file_0042

I got that bench a couple of years ago at a flea market for $10. I would still love to find something else for the space, but this serves its purpose for now. I cut off the back and side a bit, because it was just too 80’s country for me. Those hearts on the side still bug me, but not as much now. I also sanded it and roughed up the finish a little to give it more of a rustic look. I would like to find/make a cushion for it, but like I said I really want to find something else for the space, so I haven’t been in a hurry for the cushion.


I squared off the chalkboard and made it a bit smaller. I plan on trimming it out with some reclaimed wood. I also plan on adding a wreath to the door, switching out the rug, and changing out the fluorescent light. And of course I still have to freshen up the paint on the trim and get on those black doors!



Any Excuse To Play With Chalk

My days are filled with projects. There are projects that are necessary, projects that are expensive, projects that are time consuming, projects that suck the life right out of you and projects that are just plain fun. Of course the fun ones are my favorite (it would be super weird if they weren’t). Luckily this project falls under fun.

I’ve been working on the entry way the last couple of weeks. Now that all the walls are painted and the trim…oh the trim…that’s one of the life-sucking projects I was talking about. Now that that’s out of the way I can focus on dressing up the space. Or in this case dressing down. I’m going casual on this one. I love the idea of a fancy, grand entry way. But let’s be real. We live on a farm. We aren’t fancy people, and function trumps beauty these days.

I know for sure there will be a bench and hooks along one wall of the entry, but the opposite wall is open for whatever. I’ve been wanting to do a chalkboard wall for a long time, but hadn’t found the right spot. Of course the playroom would be the obvious choice, but Hollis isn’t quite old enough for a chalkboard wall and I’d really like for the whole family to be able to use it (and by whole family, I mean me). I originally thought of the kitchen, but I just don’t have the wall space for it and I’m not crazy about the idea of chalk dust where we eat. So I think the entry way will be the best spot.

I started out drawing a free-form shape on the wall. Sorry for the blurry pic, I just used a pencil to sketch out my shape.
DIY Chalkboard Wall //

DIY Chalkboard Wall // thegoldbrickroad.comWe thought it would be fun to make it magnetic so we could hang artwork or notes too. I read online reviews of this Magnamagic and everyone said to use at least 4 coats to get magnets to really work on it. I got magnets to stick to it after one coat, but went ahead and did 4 anyway. I didn’t know if covering it up with chalkboard paint would make it less effective.

DIY Chalkboard Wall // thegoldbrickroad.comHere it is after a few coats. The paint is really thick and will leave a texture if you don’t smooth it out with a brush or a roller. I have a few ridges on mine that I didn’t catch in time before they dried. (oops!)

DIY Chalkboard Wall // thegoldbrickroad.comAfter I got my four coats on and let them dry, I started adding the chalkboard paint. I used Valspar’s and only need two coats of it. It went on easily and covered really well.

DIY Chalkboard Wall // thegoldbrickroad.comDIY Chalkboard Wall //

DIY Chalkboard Wall // thegoldbrickroad.comI was also able to use one of my flea market finds. I think it was an old wall planter, and now it holds the chalk and eraser.

DIY Chalkboard Wall // thegoldbrickroad.comAfter all my paint dried, I had to season the chalkboard by dragging a piece of chalk across the entire surface and then erasing it. It was messy, but necessary.

DIY Chalkboard Wall // thegoldbrickroad.comDIY Chalkboard Wall // thegoldbrickroad.comI’ve been having fun with my our new chalkboard. Some day Hollis can draw on it, but for now I like using to leave funny messages to the hubs and filling it with quotes from the Mindy Project and Brooklyn 99….you know, like most adults do.