Inpsirado: Colorful Modern Farmhouse Kid’s Room

bos-room-2Since the holidays, our family has been passing around a nasty cold back and forth to each other. Pretty typical stuff this time of year, but it’s baby Bo’s first time getting sick and he’s been having a rough time sleeping and resting thanks to a stuffy nose and cough. In an effort to help him get a little more peace and quiet, I went ahead and moved his crib into the guest room so his big sister doesn’t keep him up anymore than he is now.

I had planned on my little ones sharing a room for a couple of years, basically when Bowen was ready to move to a big boy bed. I liked having the kids in one room where all the little toys (aka mess) could stay together and all the essentials little ones need (wipes, diaper cream, medicine, etc.)  could be easy to grab for both kids. I also really enjoyed having a designated guest room that was always clean and ready to go without having to do any deep thinking of where guests would sleep. Ultimately I decided that it wasn’t fair to keep Bo from having his own space for the chance that we might have a guest for a brief time. We have a few good options for sleeping arrangements for when we do have guests, it will just require a little moving around, no big deal.

So since this was kind of a spur of the moment decision, I have some planning I need to do for how to decorate little man’s room. The walls are a Kelly green (Valspar’s Woodlawn Promised Land) and while I may paint in the future (you all know I love to paint), I still really like the green and am going to try to make it work. The room is the smallest of the three bedrooms. It has three windows on three of the walls, a closet and a built-in desk on the fourth wall so there is not a whole of open wall space. I like that the wall color adds some interest since I don’t have room to hang  a lot of artwork.

Here is what it looks like now.


The lack of wall space also makes furniture placement a little tricky. We had a large, queen sleigh bed in the room while it was a guest room, but have decided to move it into Hollis’ room because she has the room to accommodate it. We moved her twin trundle daybed (which turns into a king size bed or 2 twins) into Bo’s room which gives him a lot more floor space to move around and to play. Right now I have the bed and his crib both in the space, so once the crib is out and he’s ready to use his big bed, I will add in some functional toy storage for him. I have big plans for the closet in his room, which is a good size, but I want to tweak it a bit to be able to fit a dresser in it and keep from having a dresser take up precious space in the room. The built-in desk helps a lot since it provides some good shelving and doesn’t take up anymore floor space.

Here is the plan I’ve come up with so far. I have already ordered the gray buffalo check bedding and have mostly been working off of that. I found some super cute (little kid) bedding at Target that I just about jumped on, but decided on something more classic and timeless. I love me some buffalo check, and I think the soft gray will be easy to work with if I ever do decided to paint.

Colorful Modern Farmhouse Kid's Room //

Clockwise From top left: Globe, Wire Basket, Plaid ThrowBest Things Print, Hardest Print, Rug, Valspar Woodlawn Promised Land Paint, HamperExploring Pillow, Velvet Pillow, Curtains, Cage Light, Bedding


As you can see, I’m trying to keep with the modern farmhouse style that we have going on in our home. I’m also trying to tie in the green and make it work, but we will see how it turns out!




Be Our Guest

I finally finished painting the guest room. My family came to visit during harvest a couple of weeks ago, and I am so glad that the guest room was all ready for visitors. I’ve said before, nothing lights a fire under my bum more than company coming.

Be Our Guest // The color is Valspar Woodland Promise Land. We’ve been living with it for a little while and we are really loving it. But, before I could call the room ‘done’, I still had to stain the built-in shelves and desk, as well as the closet doors. They were originally more honey-colored, but I wanted to match them as closely as possible to the baseboards, trim, and door. I really wasn’t sure how it would turn out, or if it was going to be a huge undertaking, but it ended up being fairly easy and totally worth it.

Be Our Guest // My original plan was to remove everything, use a stripping agent to remove sealer, sand everything down, and then stain them the darker color. Only problem was, the stripper never worked….not even a little bit. So I went on to plan B. Which was to sand everything as best as I could, then apply a stain and hope to God that it darkened to the shade I want. I tried Minwax Polyshade in American Chestnut, and it worked better than expected. I’ve never used it before, but would use it again in a heartbeat. It was really easy to apply and I was able to layer it on top of the existing color to get to the shade I wanted.

Be Our Guest // Here is a side by side comparison so you can see how dark I went.

Be Our Guest //

Be Our Guest // The decor in the room is nothing special, except for the quilt at the end of the bed that I pulled out of my grandma’s attic, the rest is just sort of a hodgepodge of things I’ve picked up at garage sales and flea markets. It’s nice to actually have them arranged on a shelf or the wall instead of piled up on the floor in a closet.

Be Our Guest // The guest room is at the top of the stairs and it’s so nice to have this cheery, green room welcoming you. It’s crazy how you can become sort of oblivious to certain eyesores and when you finally take care of them, it’s like “What the heck to me so long to fix that?!”

Going Green

I knew right away that I wanted to do a bold color on the walls in the guest room. It was just a matter of choosing the right bold color. I mentioned to Brian that I was really leaning towards something like a Kelly green and was really surprised to hear that he was 100% on board for that! I was fully expecting to have to defend my choice or talk him into it, but he was totally into it. He even helped my pick the right shade of green that wouldn’t feel like an eye irritant. I took his advice and chose a little more muted shade of green than what I originally had in mind, and it was definitely a better choice.

Going Green // It’s just so pretty.

Going Green // thegoldbrickroad.comMy only real inspiration for this room, is an antique bedspread from my grandmother’s attic. I really wanted to bring out the green in it.

Going Green // thegoldbrickroad.comAs with all of my paneled rooms, I started cutting in around the trim and filling in the grooves with a brush, then finished filling in the rest of the walls with a roller. I find this process to be the fastest and most efficient way for me.

Going Green // Going Green // My favorite little helper even got in on the action.

Going Green // thegoldbrickroad.comI left the little built-in nook area for last. I decided removing the shelves would be the easiest way to get them stained and the walls painted without making a huge mess.

Going Green // Sadly, I couldn’t get the desktop out without a big ordeal, so I will just have to stain it in place and paint around it carefully.

Going Green // thegoldbrickroad.comI also had to remove the closet door for staining and expose the mess that was hiding behind it. Organizing that closet has jumped significantly higher on my to-do list after having to stare at that mess for a few days in a row.

So that’s where we are now…We are really loving the color so much already! I can’t wait to see it with the wood all stained and new bedding on the bed.