Room To Lounge

There is one room in our house that is in constant flux. The playroom. I’m ALWAYS in there cleaning, picking up toys, rearranging things to accommodate our (quickly) growing children. It seems like every few months the kids’ needs change, and thus, so does the playroom.

I’m so grateful we have a room to use just for the kids to play in. Especially since we don’t have a finished basement and our bedrooms are all upstairs, it’s nice for the kids to have a safe place on the main floor to play where I can keep close watch of them. I’m especially grateful for it this Summer because it has been too hot to play outside some days, like this ENTIRE WEEK. While it has been so hot, we’ve been having afternoon movie time. I turn the lights off, close the curtains, make a comfy pillow fort, grab some snacks and lay down and watch a movie, or two. This movie time is awesome because 1. it’s a cool distraction from outside and 2. both kids usually fall asleep!

I noticed that the rooms current layout was not very accommodating for movie time, or even just lounging, especially for us adults when we are in there. The room is large, but has two large picture windows and two large door openings. Our t.v. has been on the wall in the corner which made it tricky to comfortably place a sofa without it being in the center of the room. The t.v. placement was one of those decisions we made hastily when we first moved in, without really knowing where we would need/want it.

Here is a look at the previous layout. Basically the sofa was in the middle of the room, and the four corners were separate little play areas. I liked this layout while the kids were smaller, because they could both play with their own toys in separate corners. These days, they are more into the same toys and need more room to spread out and play.



Since the room is somewhat long and narrow, I decided to split it in half and dedicate half to a ‘lounge’ area and half to the play area. This required moving the wall mounted t.v. and praying that the cable cord would reach to the new spot. Luckily it did with a little finesse.


I moved all of our toy storage onto one wall and painted the old bookshelf a glossy white to make it look more like one unit. I got really lucky that it all fit nicely onto that one wall and then centered the t.v. above it.


I also got lucky that our sofa/futon just barely fit along the back wall.  I wish I had a little more room for an end table or two, but I may end up finding a long narrow table to go behind it. I’m not too worried about it right now, because the futon will be replaced one of these days when the kids are older. Right now though, we are loving having a futon in this space for movie watching, naps, and when we have extra guests staying with us.


I love that it feels cozy, but there is still plenty of room for the kids to get out their toys in this area. Lots of Duplo building goes on in this space. We had a hard time getting our tent out without moving things around before, and now there is plenty of room for it.


Hollis did end up losing her painted house mural, but I promised I would fix up her little kitchen area as a compromise. The Ikea kitchen needed some paint touch-ups and while I was at it, I just ended up giving it a whole new farmhouse makeover. I still have a shelf to hang for her baby doll accessories and I let her pick some artwork to hang along the walls.


Bowen is a big fan of the kitchen lately too. I have plans for a little tool/garage area for him on the opposite wall. He is getting a workbench for Christmas this year so I have a little time before I focus on that. I’m sure Hollis will enjoy it as well.



I’m sure this room will change again, but so far I’m really happy with this new layout. The kids seem to be really happy with it too. It just feels so much bigger and more open. I love makeovers that just require a little furniture rearranging and minimal paint…and that are totally FREE!!


Toning Down The Crazy

It has been a while since I’ve talked about the kid’s playroom. I thought I would give a little update on the little changes I’ve made. Now that Bowen is six (almost 7 months) old and can sit up and move around a little bit, he is really getting into toys. He is no longer content with sitting in one spot, he is ready to move around and explore…and get into as many of sisters toys as possible.

Up until now, Hollis has had the whole playroom to herself. It’s filled to the brim with baby dolls, princesses, and dress up clothes and accessories. I have been slowly moving some of her things out and finding a home for them in her bedroom or the toy closet, which she agreed to pretty quickly after I explained that they will be safe from little brother and his slobber. I’ve been replacing those things with some more toys that Bo might be interested in.

The last time you saw it, it looked like this.


I tried out this scalloped, two-tone wall to add a little playfulness to the room. I liked it at first, but it started to feel a little too crazy after a while as well as the colorful curtains. So I decided to tone it back a bit. I did still really like the two-tone neutral walls so I kept those, but chose to ditch the scallop. I also switched out the curtains for a more neutral option.


I added our old futon back into the space, because let’s face it, Mama needs a place to sit and supervise in the playroom. It’s also great for napping toddlers and movie watching.


I tried to add some little nooks in the corners of the room. One nook is Hollis’s “house”. She loves to hideaway in the nooks and read books or play with toys and it’s nice that the kids can separate and escape each other when needed while still playing in the same space.


That nice straight line makes me so happy. It feels calmer in here even at the most chaotic of times. There is so much color in the room from the toys and furniture, the walls really needed to be calmed down bit. I’m so grateful we have this room, I don’t know what we’d do without it!



Fun With Neutrals

I’ve been busy playing in painting in the playroom lately. I complain about the lack of wall space in this room, but when it comes to painting, it’s actually pretty awesome and makes for a quick paint job. And quick is good, because all the toys that are normally in the playroom have been cluttering up the living room all week and I’m suddenly reminded of how awesome it is to have a playroom to keep my sanity!

The room started out a deep, wine red color. I decided I wanted something a little lighter and more neutral since I knew there would be lots of color going on with all the toys and things in the room.

What I didn’t want is the room to be too neutral (i.e. boring). So I’m trying a sort of “whimsical” paint job. I was really inspired by some two-tone paint jobs I have seen on Pinterest. I thought it would be a good way to keep things neutral but still shake things up a little. I’ve never done anything like this, so I was a little nervous, but I’m liking it so far….and it’s just paint if I change my mind.

rec room // rec room // rec room //

I started with a taupey-gray color. I painted about 6′ up the wall and left the rest for color #2. My original plan was to tape the wall off and do a straight edge all the way across, but I got a wild hair and ended up doing a free-handed cloud shape instead. Above you can see I painted my shape before the second color just to get an idea of where I wanted it to start and stop.

rec room //

To pick color #2, I just went up two shades on my color sample sheet. That’s a really safe way to pick a color in the same tone. It would have been really fun to do a bright pop of color here instead, but again, I knew I would be bringing in a lot more color into the room. I filled in my top color and then went back with a small brush and cleaned up my free-hand cloud shape to make it more crisp.

rec room //

rec room //

rec room // thegoldbrickroad.comI’m still working on few projects in here, and furniture rearranging, but I thought I’d at least share the paint transformation. I just love how the wood trim really pops now. (Please pretend like the office is super clean and organized mmkay?!) I can’t wait to share the rest next week!

Inspirado: Rec Room

So I’ve been putting off working on the rec room for months. This room is seriously stumping me. We’ve designated the large room in the back of the house, that is connected to the office, as our rec room. It’s a great space, but with two large windows and two large doorways, there just isn’t much wall space to work with which makes laying out the furniture tricky. The other problem is that I’m asking a lot from this one room. It basically needs to serve as a gym, extra guest room, t.v. room, and mostly a playroom.

rec room // thegoldbrickroad.comThe room will mostly be occupied by our daughter right now. It houses the majority of her toys, and there is a t.v. and sofa in there for her to watch her shows (also for me to watch my shows when the hubby commandeer the t.v. in the living room). Even though it is a room she will use a lot, I want it to be a space that kids and adults are comfortable in. I want the decor to be kid-friendly but not over the top.

I’ve collected some pics for inspiration.

^Love this idea of a two-toned paint job. I love these colors, but I will probably go a little more neutral to keep it a bit more sophisticated.

^ Our room desperately needs storage and I really like what they’ve done here by using the storage units to section off part of the room. Such a good way to define a space!

^ I also like this idea of using paint to define a small space. Maybe I can make Hollis a little “house” in a corner for her play kitchen and baby dolls.

^ Such a cool idea for a non-traditional dollhouse AND the shelves would be super functional when the kiddos older. I just have to find the wall space for it…If I can’t find it in the rec room, then I may have to do it in her bedroom.

^ We have a play kitchen already, that was graciously handed down to us from Hollis’ cousins, but when she outgrows it, it would be fun to customize one for her like this.

Here’s an inspo board for what I’m hoping to incorporate. I’d like it to be mostly neutral with some fun pops of color.

rec room //

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Lots to do! Luckily it’s a lot of fun projects. Here is a glimpse at my to list:

  • find storage for toys
  • paint the walls
  • find or make curtains
  • designate a play area
  • designate the “gym”
  • make a cozy space for t.v. watching
  • designate an area for art
  • find some fun artwork
  • find a sofa bed/futon for extra room for guests
  • make Hollis a “house” with play kitchen and other toys