Second Floor Tour

Sorry it has taken me so long to get the second floor tour up here. I’ve been so busy jumping from project to project on the first floor, and the second floor really doesn’t need any work anyway. It’s like you walk up the stairs and are magically transported to a beautiful oasis where everything is brand new and move-in ready. A place where you can really just sit back and relax.


Just kidding.

I have just as much work to do up there, if not more. There is paneling as far as the eye can see that needs to be painted, carpet that needs to be replaced, cracks in the ceiling and walls that need to be addressed, closets that need to be reconfigured…I could keep going, but it’s too overwhelming to think about.

I’m going to have a heckuva time painting all the paneling just in the stairwell alone and don’t even get me started on the window treatments (or lack there of) up in here. I definitely need to get something up soon, it’s like walking through a toaster oven to get to one of the bedrooms. I just don’t know what to do with them! I like having the light, but there are 3 large windows (one you can’t see in this pic, but it’s at the bottom of the stairs) and then there is that small, odd-shaped one at the bottom too. I would love suggestions if you’ve got any!


Just go ahead and ignore how dirty the floors and banister are, mmmkay? The closed-door to the left is an old staircase that has been closed off and turned into a closet. I call it our “attic” closet. It’s big and holds a lot of our things that we don’t use often like suitcases and Holiday decor. The other closed-door straight ahead is the staircase to the actual attic. I’ve only been up there once and it’s a nice big space, but it’s full of old things.

IMG_0339There’s a nice little spot up here overlooking the stairs. I haven’t officially decided what I will do with it, but I’m thinking about making it a little craft area where Hollis and I can draw/color/create. That white cabinet is already housing my art supplies. I just have my old drawing table there for now, but I want to find a small-ish round table and a couple of chairs for us. (She’s only 8 months old, so I have a little time to figure it out.) It looks especially small in these photos, but it’s actually quite a nice space.

photo 1-014IMG_0341The first room off the stairs is our guest room/Hollis’ changing room. I have a lot of work to do in her room, so instead of moving her stuff around twice, we just put it in here until I get around to it. It’s not a huge room, but it fits our giant queen size bed frame and it has a really nice, big closet.

034038039Our only other bathroom is next. Sorry for the dark picture. (Taking a pic facing a window is no bueno.) There’s no shower up here, just a huge claw foot tub. I would like to add a shower to it someday, but that’s a long ways down the road.

IMG_0141IMG_0140025And then there is the scary water closet. It’s very dark in there, I’d like to remove the cabinet. I think it would make it feel lighter and a less claustrophobic. I don’t keep  anything in the cabinet anyways, the top shelf of it is too high for me to even reach.  I think a couple of floating shelves would be much better in there for what we need.

IMG_0138Next is the master bedroom. We are really only calling it the master because it has two closets. The second closet (the one with the mirror on it) was added on later. While it is a good size closet and we really need it, it does eat up a good chunk of space in here. You can also see that miss Hollis is bunking with us currently. We will gain some more space when she moves to her new room. At some point I would like to re-do my closet. It has an odd layout and runs under the attic stairs so I lose some space there, but I would like to reconfigure it and hopefully eliminate the need for my dresser.

017Luckily we were able to fit a king size bed and our night stands on that wall, just barely, but they fit.019The last room up here is Hollis’ room. It’s a really nice sized room, this picture doesn’t really do it justice. It also has a queen size bed in it and still has  room for her crib and dresser with plenty of room left over for toys and things. Her closet it also a great size, but needs to be reconfigured. Since we don’t have a finished basement (or attic) to store things in, we really need to utilize all of our closets and get the most out of them.

IMG_0342So yeah….I’m going to be busy for a long time. Good thing I like to stay busy!

First Floor Tour

We are officially moved in here at the farm, although we are still sorting through things and trying to figure out where their new home will be. At this point I’m thinking Goodwill is a good home for most of it. Do we really need dishes that haven’t seen the light of day in five years? Does my husband really need every t-shirt he’s ever owned….ever? The answer is no, but yet, there they sit in totes spread across each room of this house or stuffed in the closets.

This house is quite a bit larger than our last house and we gained some good closet space. But we lost a somewhat finished basement that we really used for most of our storage at the old house. We have a dirt floor basement here and I’ve only been down there once. I have no plans to go down there again. It reminds me of something out of a horror movie and I just know there are spiders down there waiting to attack me the first chance they get.

I took some before pics of the first floor so you can get an idea of the floor plan. I will get to the second floor soon. The house has been well taken care of, it just needs some freshening up and a little TLC.


photo 4-001 The laundry room is the very first room to the left off the entry way. (sorry for the blurry pic, I had to use my phone for some of these pics) There is a large coat closet in there too.  I’m not super thrilled that the laundry room is the first room you see when you walk in, but I do love having a separate laundry room. I had to do laundry in the basement of our last house and it was really inconvenient at times. It’s nice to have the laundry on the main floor for a change.

photo 5-001Our main bathroom is also right off the entry way. You can’t see the shower in this pic, but it is to the right immediately inside the door. As you can see there is carpet on the floor….We’re going to have to change that asap.

photo 4 (1)Here is the kitchen, which is off the entry way to the right. It’s quite large, much larger than any kitchen I’ve ever had. There is a lot of cabinet space that we are filling up quickly. It’s crazy how fast “extra” space becomes necessary space.

photo 3-006 photo 2-005Don’t mind the adorable baby and dog in this picture of the living room. There is a lot of brown, including our furniture. The door behind the baby swing is the “back” door, even though it leads out to the side of the house. We don’t really use it yet, but someday I’d like to because it leads out to our only porch that is large enough to fit a table and chairs.

247Don’t mind the obscene mess in here. Obviously this is the stairwell and as you can see it has become a catchall of things that may or may not end up upstairs, or in a closet, or the garage….or the trash. This also used to be the main entrance of the house. Brian said there used to be a porch on the front of the house that wrapped around to the porch on the side of the house where the living room is. This porch eventually fell away over the years, so the front door was moved to the other side of the house where the newer addition is. I’m a little sad this isn’t the main entrance anymore, it is much grander than the other and that closet under the stairs would make a great coat closet.


This is what we refer to as the red room for obvious reasons.  We aren’t entirely sure what to do with this room. We thought about making it the main living room, but we like that the other living room is right off the kitchen. This room will most likely become our home gym/playroom for now.

236This room butts-up to the red room  and is also the room at the end of the entry way. We are currently using it as an office. We thought about using this as a dining room, but ultimately we decided an office would be a better use of space for us since we use it often. This room needs a lot of work to make as functional as possible. I’d like it to be more of a two person office that Brian and I can share more efficiently. The space is nice, but the large doorway and second doorway make it a little tricky to layout the furniture.

So that’s the first floor! Lots of work to do, I know. My brain is pretty much busting at the seams with ideas that I would love to try. I want the house to feel fresh and updated, but also keep the charm of the original farmhouse. It has some nice details like pocket doors, original trim, and did I mention the closets are fantastic? Here’s a few pics.

259258photo 3-007

And So It Begins…

Here we are in the middle of nowhere central Kansas. I’m adjusting to life on the farm. Dirt roads, cows, eerily quiet nights, no Target (sigh…). I’m still getting used to that last one.

We moved into the house that Brian grew up in. It still looks a lot like it did when he lived here, so we have plans to update some things and make it more to our liking. I thought I would post the floor plan so everyone can get a general idea of the layout we are working with. The house was built around the 1890’s and there have been a couple additions done to it. first floor

The kitchen, entry, laundry, and bath are not original to the house. The original entry way is now a window in the stairwell. So the first floor has sort of flipped around through the years.

second floor

The second floor bath has a clawfoot tub, but no shower. We have to trek down to the first floor by the entry way to shower..(whomp whomp) There are a lot of little quirks like that. Just one of the joys of living in an old home!