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  1. Hi, we have cabinets similar to yours. We are going to be painting them and thinking of filling in the grooves also. Do you have a picture of the end result? Are you happy with the look? Thanks, Kathy


    • Hi Kathy!
      Here is a link to our most current post on the cabinets.
      It has been over two years since we re-finished them and they have held up really, really well. We have had to touch-up the paint in a few areas, but since adding hardware, I haven’t had to do any touch-ups. We still have quite a bit to do in our kitchen (backsplash, vent hood, lighting, etc.), but I’m so happy we did the cabinets right away. Good luck with your cabinets, I’d love to see them if you do refinish them!



    • We just used Elmer’s Interior wood filler. The trick was to let it dry completely, sand it, and then go back and fill in any cracks or spots we missed and sand again. And we used Valspar Signature Interior paint in a semi-gloss finish. I use Valspar a lot and I like how it covers and how easy the semi-gloss finish is to clean and wipe up stains. We finished our cabinets over three years ago and haven’t had any issues with the filler shrinking or anything like that. I have had to touch up paint in a few spots that get a lot of wear and tear before we put hardware on our doors and drawers, but that is the only issue so far. Hope this helps, good luck on your project!


  2. Hi! We have cupboards that look exactly like yours did with the trim on them. They come out with a blow dryer, and then we filled a test door with plastic wood filler because we were advised it made the door more “stainable”. My question is, about how long with an electric sander did it take to sand each door once the filler was dry? And were they perfectly smooth with no trace of “product” on the door from the filler? I am worried we will not get it completely flush even with tons of sanding.


    • Hi Sarah! I’ve never used plastic wood filler, so I’m not too familiar with it. We waited a full 24 hrs for our wood filler to cure and even then we ran across a few cabinets that weren’t completely dry. It was pretty clear just by looking at them, which spots were not fully dry. After we sanded everything down, which didn’t take long at all with an electric sander (a few minutes per door), there were a few spots that required some more putty. But after filling them in and sanding, our cabinets came out perfectly flush and smooth. Every once in awhile, in certain light, I can see the a little trace of where the groove was that we filled, but it’s not very often and I think it’s mostly bc I know it’s there. I think if we had primed them with a good primer like KILZ or some other type of oil based primer, I don’t think I would see any trace of it at all. I hope that helps! I’d love to know how the plastic wood filler works out of you end up doing it!


      • Thanks! We are planning on using the Rustoluem Cabinet Transforamtion kit, which should also help with the grooves not showing after we do wood filler, and sanding, etc. I will let you know how it goes, but it will be a very slow process as we are both still working, and are doing bits here and there when we have time.

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