From Beach to Farmhouse

When I first gave our downstairs bathroom a makeover, I LOVED it. I picked a cheery color and ran some stripes along one wall. It was super cute and I was happy with it. But after sitting (literally) and staring at it for two years, I started to get the itch to change it up a bit.

I have mentioned in the previous post that I am really feeling neutrals lately and that is no lie. After painting our office a dark, dark gray and painting the entry way a nice creamy white, the bathroom really started to stick out like a sore thumb. The bathroom was also starting to take on a more beach-y feel, which is not really what I was going for. Part of the problem is my shower curtain that I fell in love with when I bought it for our first house. I still have all the feels for my octopus shower curtain and want it to stay, but I need to redirect the feel of the room. I’m going for modern farmhouse, not beach.


Months ago, we hung some reclaimed wood shelves that I made out of wood Brian found on the farm. We love them so much, but the room started to feel a little too busy. There was just too much going on with the bright color and the stripes. I also added some “farmhouse” décor and tried to take some of the “beach-y” elements out, but it still wasn’t quite right. It also made my off white shower curtain look really yellow and kind of dingy.


I almost didn’t do another accent wall, but I really wanted a background for those shelves that would allow them to ‘pop’ a little more. I used the same dark gray that I used in the office and the upstairs bath, Muted Ebony by Valspar. I just can’t get enough of it! I debated painting the whole room that color, but it’s such a long, narrow space and just one little window of natural light, I decided to go with the creamy, white that I used in the entry way which is right outside the bathroom. I like the way it all flows together.


I have to admit I was a little sad to see the stripes go…I worked really hard on those! They did not go without a fight, it took some sanding and elbow grease to get the wall back to a smooth surface. I can still see a few traces of my stripes in certain light (dang it!), but they are mostly just a memory.

I love how all the wood and white pop off that dark gray wall. I also think the octopus shower curtain feels like he goes in the room so much better. He felt a little out-of-place before, but now that gray wall really draws him out. I still plan on adding molding and painting both the closet door and the door to the bathroom black. I think they will add a really nice contrast to that cream wall. I actually CAN’T WAIT to get started on that project, but will probably have to wait until after the holidays…:(



Pieces of Flair

“We really need to talk about your flair.” I said to the entry way. And then the entry way was like “Really?…but I have 15 pieces on”. To which I replied “Well, fifteen is the minimum, okay? Now, you know it’s up to you whether or not you want to just do the bare minimum.”

If you don’t like the movie Office Space, we can’t be friends.

I don’t really talk to inanimate objects…at least not when anyone else is around, but I have come to the conclusion that our entry way is a little lacking in the ‘flair’ department. I’m all about keeping it casual and functional, but I think every room deserves a little something special. I had an idea of how I could add some flair.

That being said, not every idea is a good idea.

Sometimes I get these ideas and they look fan-TAS-tic…in my head. And then I go to apply them in real life and they look….well, not so fantastic. Here is an example.

I found this tutorial on Pinterest, where they drew a geometric shape on the walls with a gold Sharpie paint pen. Easy enough. I loved the concept and how simple it was. BUT I didn’t want to be a big ‘ol copycat and copy exactly what they did, so I decided to find another pattern to put my own spin on it. I measured everything out and started marking up the walls with pencil. Once I had it marked, I already had the impression that it wasn’t going to work, but I decided to forge ahead because it looked so good in my head. I just marked off one wall and decided to go ahead and add the gold Sharpie to see how I liked it before I went on to the other walls.

Herringbone Accent // thegoldbrickroad.comThe truth is, I really liked it, but I knew deep down that it was just too busy for such a narrow space. I also thought maybe I could just do the one wall, but I decided it would just make the room feel unbalanced.  So this is as far as I got before I admitted defeat and went back to the drawing board.

Herringbone Accent // thegoldbrickroad.comAfter I really thought about what went wrong, I decided a little would go a long way in this space.  I thought about drawing the same design with gold Sharpie but in smaller strips. Then I was watching HGTV’s new show Flipping the Block, and one of the teams had a little flare on their walls of a master bedroom they were designing. It was perfect for my space!

flippingtheblockI got to work taping off the section of wall I wanted to paint. It was super easy. The only measuring I had to do was the width of the columns. The rest was just random taping at an angle. I made my angles slightly less severe than theirs.

Herringbone Accent // Herringbone Accent // thegoldbrickroad.comThen the paint went on. I decided to use all white paint. It’s actually left over trim paint so it is a semi-gloss and has a little shine to it in the right light.

Herringbone Accent // thegoldbrickroad.comHerringbone Accent // thegoldbrickroad.comAfter two coats of paint, I just peeled away the tape and was left with this.

Herringbone Accent // thegoldbrickroad.comHerringbone Accent // thegoldbrickroad.comHerringbone Accent // thegoldbrickroad.comHerringbone Accent // thegoldbrickroad.comHerringbone Accent // thegoldbrickroad.comHerringbone Accent // thegoldbrickroad.comI really like how it turned out. I think the gold would have been overkill in here. Instead of yelling “hey, look at me!”, it’s more of a whisper. I still have to hang our coat rack on the wall, paint the trim on the attic access, and change out the flourescent light fixture. You know…more pieces of flair.