From Beach to Farmhouse

When I first gave our downstairs bathroom a makeover, I LOVED it. I picked a cheery color and ran some stripes along one wall. It was super cute and I was happy with it. But after sitting (literally) and staring at it for two years, I started to get the itch to change it up a bit.

I have mentioned in the previous post that I am really feeling neutrals lately and that is no lie. After painting our office a dark, dark gray and painting the entry way a nice creamy white, the bathroom really started to stick out like a sore thumb. The bathroom was also starting to take on a more beach-y feel, which is not really what I was going for. Part of the problem is my shower curtain that I fell in love with when I bought it for our first house. I still have all the feels for my octopus shower curtain and want it to stay, but I need to redirect the feel of the room. I’m going for modern farmhouse, not beach.


Months ago, we hung some reclaimed wood shelves that I made out of wood Brian found on the farm. We love them so much, but the room started to feel a little too busy. There was just too much going on with the bright color and the stripes. I also added some “farmhouse” décor and tried to take some of the “beach-y” elements out, but it still wasn’t quite right. It also made my off white shower curtain look really yellow and kind of dingy.


I almost didn’t do another accent wall, but I really wanted a background for those shelves that would allow them to ‘pop’ a little more. I used the same dark gray that I used in the office and the upstairs bath, Muted Ebony by Valspar. I just can’t get enough of it! I debated painting the whole room that color, but it’s such a long, narrow space and just one little window of natural light, I decided to go with the creamy, white that I used in the entry way which is right outside the bathroom. I like the way it all flows together.


I have to admit I was a little sad to see the stripes go…I worked really hard on those! They did not go without a fight, it took some sanding and elbow grease to get the wall back to a smooth surface. I can still see a few traces of my stripes in certain light (dang it!), but they are mostly just a memory.

I love how all the wood and white pop off that dark gray wall. I also think the octopus shower curtain feels like he goes in the room so much better. He felt a little out-of-place before, but now that gray wall really draws him out. I still plan on adding molding and painting both the closet door and the door to the bathroom black. I think they will add a really nice contrast to that cream wall. I actually CAN’T WAIT to get started on that project, but will probably have to wait until after the holidays…:(



Color So Nice, I Had To Use It Twice

Welp, I painted the bathroom.

The bathroom did not need to be painted. It was a perfectly fine shade of mint green. It was light and bright. Yet I painted it anyway.

I just couldn’t help myself. I love this color so much! I recently painted the office (Muted Ebony by Valspar) and as soon as I put it on the walls, I knew it needed to go up in another room too. First I thought of the entry way, because I have the urge to change things up in there. And I thought the darker color would hide some of the marks and things on the walls that seem to inevitably happen in the entry way. But then, I decided it would look so great in the upstairs bathroom. And I was right.

I have a lot of black and white going on in the bathroom already along with some warm wood tones. The mint green on the walls was fine…but just fine. Not too exciting. Things were just starting to feel a little blah. So I thought I would shake things up and do a two-tone wall with dark gray on the bottom and a bright white on the top to keep things from getting too dark in there.

Here is a look at the before.


This room only has one window, but it gets great light in here so I knew the dark, dark gray wouldn’t make the room too dark. I think if I had taken the gray all the way up the walls, it would’ve been a tad too dark.



It was a spur of the moment decision to paint, but I’m really happy with the result. It feels so much more pulled together in here now and I love how my plants pop off the gray and white!


DIY: Rustic Farmhouse Shelves

We’ve been living here on the farm for two years now. That’s so crazy to me. I love how peaceful and serene it is. I love having cows for neighbors. But the best thing about living on a farm is when we find cool, old stuff.

And by we, I mean my husband usually. He gets to work out in the fields and pastures and explore the old buildings on the farm. He brings all kinds of cool things home. His latest find was this piece of old wood siding. I told him I needed some wood for shelves I wanted to make in the bathroom and Voila! he brought this gem to me.


I immediately loved the hole in it and all the marks and roughness of it. I hosed down about a half-inch of dirt and grime off of it and then cut it to the size I needed. The board was 7″ deep which was perfect for my small shelves. I cut 2, 30″ long pieces from it.

IMG_3160.JPGAfter I had them cut, I got out the power sander and went to town. I wanted to keep all of the ruggedness, but take off the grime that I couldn’t wash off. I also wanted to smooth out anything that might snag something or give someone a splinter. Then I gave them 3 coats of a clear Minwax Polyacrylic stain in a satin finish.

I have had these box shelves in the bathroom above the toilet pretty much since we moved in. They were fine for a bit of decoration, but they felt small and insignificant. I really wanted to add something more substantial and have room to put out things like towels and wash cloths for guests.

IMG_3165I went with simple, black metal brackets. I love how rugged the edges are and that you can see all the knots and grooves in the wood. The clear stain really helped seal everything and show off the imperfections that we loved so much.



The black hardware really added some nice contrast to the blue and white bathroom. I added some more black accessories to tie things together. I also spray painted the hooks on the towel rack black to match. I took down our brushed nickel hand towel ring and replaced it with one of the big, black metal hooks I found in one of the closets to add some more of the farmhouse feel.


I like that the shelves are deep enough to set out towels for guests, but don’t protrude too far into the narrow bathroom. And all the black accents help tie in the shower curtain which kind of felt a little out-of-place before.


So that’s it. I’m kind of obsessed with these guys. Can’t wait to see what Brian brings home from the farm next!




Hang It Up


Right?! Daylight savings never used to bother me until I had little ones. Little ones who already refuse to go to sleep before 10pm….They’ll sleep when they’re teenagers right?  Anyway, I have a project this week that, even with lack of sleep, is easy to accomplish. I am all about easy, quick projects these days. Between changing diapers, fetching apple juice, nursing, and trying to keep the house from looking like a bomb went off, my project list is being severely neglected.

I started making over our upstairs bathroom way back here. I had originally thought I was going to go with a boho kind of feel in there, but it has evolved into something entirely different. It all started after I made over this antique cabinet that came with the house.  The black and white tile I chose for the top really inspired me to stick with a simple color scheme.  I added some rustic wood shelves over the toilet, which led to adding some wood frames for my black and white prints, which led to this project. Towel racks.

I needed two towel racks, one near the sink and one near the bathtub. I shopped around, but didn’t really find anything I liked. I knew I wanted to bring in more wood tones, and I have a ton of metal hooks that I’ve found in closets in the house that I wanted to re-purpose. I made a rustic wood coat rack in the entry way and decided to repeat that process, but I wanted to change it up a little bit and add a simple black design to it.

I started by spray painting my metal hooks black so they all matched. While they dried, I also cut down my wood to size.


Next, I used a coffee stain (one part coffee grounds + one part vinegar) and applied it with steel wool until I got the color I desired.


You could skip this next step, but I wanted to add a graphic, black print to my wood. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to draw, but I just grabbed a straight edge and a sharpie and went to town.


I started drawing some lines at different angles and left some negative space for the wood to show through.


I did the same technique to the other, smaller piece of wood, but I went with a little bit different design so that the two towel racks would go together, but not be too matchy. I also measured out where I wanted my hooks and pre-drilled my holes.


Here it is hung up with the freshly painted, black hooks. It’s really, pretty subtle in person, which I like. You could make the lines more heavy for a bolder look.


I just love how they pick up the other hints of black and warm wood tones in the room.


We still have a few things to check off in this room, but things are feeling a lot more finished in here. I love having a plan for a room, but I also like when things come together more organically over time too.

Things left to do:

  • change out the light fixture
  • add the claws back to the tub (if possible)
  • add a shower to the tub
  • add some storage to the sink area







Upcycled Heirloom

If you know anything about me, you know that I love a good deal. Like a super cheap, high-five yourself, kind of deal. You can call me cheap if you want to, I won’t be offended. I will spend hours scouring flea markets and garage sales and enjoy every minute of it. Anytime I can save our family  money, I feel pretty awesome about it.

The only thing better than finding a cool piece of furniture for a great price, is finding one in our home for free. In our upstairs bathroom, there is an antique cabinet that has been in Brian’s family for years. He said it belonged to his great-grandmother, which I think is so cool. It’s really neat for Hollis that she will grow up with something that belonged to her great great-grandmother.

Upcycled Heirloom // thegoldbrickroad.comIt fits perfectly in that little nook. The only problem is, it looks like it has seen better days. The top is wood and has laminate on top of it that has started to chip and come off. The paint on it has also started to chip and just needs a fresh coat on it.

Upcycled Heirloom // Upcycled Heirloom // thegoldbrickroad.comI wanted to keep using it in the same spot in the bathroom because it serves as the only counter space in there and has some much-needed storage underneath. But I also wanted it to match the bathroom after I finished painting in there. So I went ahead and helped the rest of the laminate come off the top and decided to paint it white to go with the rest of the bathroom.

Now here is where I would normally show you process pics, but somehow I’ve misplaced them….

I ended up choosing tile to finish the top, I really wanted something that would be easy to wipe down and that could stand up to getting wet. I went with a small octagon tile. I wanted a timeless look, so I stuck with classic black and white. The tiles came on 12″ x 12″ sheets and were easy to lay and trim to fit. I also used a quick-dry grout which was really simple and easy to work with. I plan on going back and adding some trim pieces around the edge on the front to give it a more finished look. Upcycled Heirloom // thegoldbrickroad.comFor the rest of the cabinet, I just primed it and painted it the same white as the trim. I figure, if I ever repaint the bathroom, (which is inevitable), the cabinet will still go with everything. I reused the glass hardware that was already on the cabinet. It just needed a little soak in some vinegar and dish soap to make them extra sparkly.

Upcycled Heirloom // thegoldbrickroad.comUpcycled Heirloom // So there it is. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Hopefully it will survive at least another generation!






Minty Fresh

Our upstairs bathroom is in need of a serious facelift, but we’re settling for a minor facelift right now. I’ve been painting my little heart out trying to make the space a little brighter and happier. I was extra motivated to get everything painted because we had family coming to visit this weekend. That’s just the best kind of motivation for me! Before, everything in here was a little too brown for my taste. The walls were brown, the floor is brown, the trim was brown, even the tub was brown. I decided to paint, for a quick and cheap little facelift.

Here is a look at it before and after.

thegoldbrickroad.comUpstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comI just used up some leftover mint green paint that I originally used in our entry way. It’s light and neutral and I knew it would look nice with the dark trim as well as white accents.

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comUpstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comThe trim throughout the bathroom needed to be painted. The trim around the doorways and window haven’t been touched, but the baseboards were all painted brown. I decided since they were already painted anyway, I would go ahead and paint them white to continue with lightning up the space and to match the rest of the painted trim in the house.

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comWe removed the cabinet above the toilet and it really helped bring in a lot more light in there. It really felt like a dark cave before. I was worried I would miss the storage, but removing it has really helped open up the space. (You don’t feel like you are going potty in the closet anymore.)

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comIt was so dark in there before that I didn’t even notice that the ceiling was blue! So I got to add, paint the ceiling to my list of things to do….yay.

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comSince we lost the storage we had with the cabinet that was hanging over the toilet, I wanted to add some shelves to replace it. I decided to re-purpose some shelves that I tore out of Hollis’ closet back here. I thought I had three shelves, but when I unwrapped one, I realized it was broken. 😦 So two shelves it is!

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comI didn’t have a whole lot of hope for these shelves since they were wrapped in contact paper. I was expecting it to be a big ordeal, but the paper actually came off with very little effort. And that paper was sticky, as demonstrated by little helper below.

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comI was planning on having to sand and paint the shelves, but after unwrapping them, I really liked the wood finish. They are stained the same color as the trim. The hubby also like the wood look, so I decided to just leave them, at least for now. I like how they look a little bit rustic and they tie in with the rest of the wood in the room. I just added some simple brackets that were less than $2 at Lowe’s.

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comUpstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comI was a little worried that I would hate the floor after painting, but I’m liking it a lot more. It looks a little more coppery and interesting, and it ties in nicely with the dark wood trim.

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comUpstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comUpstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comUpstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comI still have lots to do, but at least the walls and trim are painted (and the ceiling)! It feels a lot less Debbie Downer and now it’s minty fresh. Like a toothpaste commercial. I will go into more detail on some the projects later, but here is a look at my updated to-do list:


  • paint the walls something light and calming
  • paint the baseboards white
  • makeover the antique cabinet
  • add some wall shelves above the tub
  • add a towel rack near the tub
  • add some shelves above the toilet
  • paint the tub
  • find some sort of window treatment that still lets natural light in
  • find/make a vanity for the sink
  • add some artwork


  • change out the light fixture
  • add feet to the tub (if possible)
  • add a shower and curtain rod

Inspirado: Upstairs Bathroom

Well I had a nice little break from painting. I’ve enjoyed getting some small projects done and getting some quality time in with my toddler, by which I mean chasing her around the house.

BUT, it’s time to get back to reality. And the reality is that I have a dark, depressing bathroom that could desperately use some TLC. It’s like the Debby Downer of bathrooms.

We’ve got big (ie. probably expensive) plans for this bathroom down the road….miles and miles down the road. I thought I could wait, but I either need to get some cheer in this bathroom or some Prozac, because it’s seriously depressing in here.

Here is what it looks like now. We really haven’t done anything to this space since we moved in other than add a ladder shelf for some additional storage.



There is a large clawfoot-less, clawfoot tub. I would love to re-attach them, but I’m not 100% sure that is possible.


And this dark little closet is where you go when you are being punished need to use the toilet. The cabinet and the toilet are both off-centered which drives my OCD into hyperdrive. It hurts my eyes if I look at it for too long. I can’t move the toilet, but I think I am going to take the cabinet down.


I’m giving myself a budget of $50 for this little makeover. I think I can do it by using some leftover paint and using items around the house. I just want to brighten things up and make it a happier space to be in. We only have the two bathrooms, and this is the only one upstairs, so we really need to make it work for us.

Here is a few pics for inspiration:

^^I like the idea of having a couple of floating shelves over the toilet to lighten things

up (it’s  dark in there!) and still provide some much-needed storage.

^^ I would love to find an old table to use as a counter around the wall-sink, but if I can’t

find one, I think I could make one similar to this.

^^ I actually already have an antique cabinet that I can use for some storage

in the bathroom, but I’d like to give it a little facelift similar to this.

^^ I really want to find something for the window that allows some privacy but still lets light in.

I love this boho feeling macrame window covering from Urban Outfitters.

^^ These last two pics are really just to show what we’d like to do one

day. We would love to make our tub a shower by either adding a hand-held

shower or preferably a standing shower head and curtain rod.

Here is what’s on the do-do list:


  • paint the walls something light and calming
  • paint the baseboards white
  • makeover the antique cabinet
  • add some wall shelves above the tub
  • add a towel rack near the tub
  • add some shelves above the toilet
  • paint the tub
  • find some sort of window treatment that still lets natural light in


  • change out the light fixture
  • add feet to the tub (if possible)
  • add a shower and curtain rod

It seems like a lot of work, but I think this is a project where a little paint will make a big difference.