Color Trends For 2015

I’ve been obsessed with picking paint colors lately. It’s pretty much always on my mind. Usually I can pick colors for a house in no time, but for some reason this old farm house we are living in seriously has me stumped.

In our first house, I had a very neutral color pallet. It was a taupe-y/gray paradise. I didn’t second guess any of my color choices, everything flowed in our, somewhat, open-concept house. This house is not open-concept, there are different colors of trim going on, and some funky fluorescent lighting happening in some rooms. I had colors for each room picked out when we first moved in and have since changed my mind on each of them now about 237 times.

I’ve been googling 2015 paint trends all morning and I’m pretty excited about what has been coming up.

Benjamin Moore: Color Trends 2015

I’m noticing lots of great shades of purples and berry colors in these color lists. Purple isn’t a color I normally gravitate towards, but some of these shades are so pretty and tempting. I especially like their Portland Gray which is a nice soft gray with purple undertones.

BenMoore 2015 colors

Benjamin Moore also deemed Guliford Green HC-116, as their color of the year. I really like this color. It’s kind of a pale, olive-y green which is a great neutral that pairs well with so many colors. It’s a nice break from the usual neutrals, like gray, beige and white.

BenMoore color of the year

Sherwin Williams: Color Trends 2015

I only pulled a couple of Sherwin Williams color pallets, they have a few more worth checking out, but these two where my faves. There are plenty of pastel awesomeness in their collection, but these brighter colors have me really excited and inspired. I’m thinking Seaworthy and Cape Verde for a moody, dramatic bedroom. And maybe Coral Reef for a fun, playroom or entry way.

Sherwin Williams Buoyant sherwin williams voyage

Behr: Color Trends 2015

Behr also has more color pallets on their site, but again, I pulled my two favorites. They have some really pretty pastels, but I’m leaning towards those ‘Nuanced Neutrals’. I love everyone of those colors. Every. Single. One. This is my most inspiring color pallet for our home. It feels very colorful, but effortless….not crazy. I think Secret Blush or Mulberry Wine would both be pretty in a boho inspired bathroom or bedroom.

sw pastels

behr orgnainc colors

I’m feeling much more inspired after seeing these color trends. I might actually have to branch out and try one of these purples somewhere!  What do you think of the 2015 color trends? Which colors are you loving/hating?