Fall (Cleaning) Is My Jam

So pumped that Fall is here. It is without a doubt my favorite time of year. The weather has been amazing and the kids and I have been enjoying trips to the park and the zoo here (which is free!). I love opening up the windows and airing out this old farm house before the temp drops and we have to close up everything and hibernate indoors.


Fall for me is also when I go on a major cleaning/purging spree. Spring cleaning doesn’t really happen in my house, Fall cleaning is more my jam. I don’t know if it’s the crisp Fall weather that puts an extra spring in my step and motivates me to clean, or the thought of being trapped indoors all Winter. Whatever the reason, I feel a huge urge to get rid of old clothes, toys, decor and revamp all the rooms in the house. I like to just declutter and get a fresh start.

My plan of attack for purging is to go in each room of the house and pull out anything that isn’t working for me anymore or anything that has wandered into a room that belongs in another room. Once I go through each room, then I go through the closets and storage areas. I have learned that if I go through the stored items first, I end up keeping a lot of things I don’t really need. If I go through the rooms first, then I have a much clearer idea of what I need to hang on to and what I can let go of.


I also go through every clothes closet and dresser to get rid of out of season things and anything that doesn’t fit or get worn often. I have been downsizing my stash of baby clothes the past week too. It is hard, but I’m trying to let go of some baby things (not everything) but I’m starting with the excess clothes. I try to sneak out toys and books that the kids no longer pay attention to. I have learned to put things in a tote and hold on to the tote for a month or two. If they don’t notice the items are missing, than I usually feel like it is safe to go ahead and donate them.

IMG_2667My favorite part of Fall cleaning is that each room also gets a mini makeover. Whether that is just swapping out throw pillows, rearranging the furniture, or giving it a fresh coat of paint. I just like to switch things up to try something new and keep from getting bored. Anyone else do Fall cleaning?…Just me?


Time To Bake (Sugar Cookies)

I know this is really a diy/design blog, so it may be weird to see recipes on here. BUT sometimes I stumble upon a recipe that is so awesome that I just have to share it!

Right now while I’m pregnant, food is kind of all I have. I can’t enjoy my wine, fit into cute clothes, ride roller coasters, sleep on my stomach….or sleep much period these days, so yeah, food is pretty much it right now.

I love sugar cookies, but I am VERY picky about them. They must be soft-ish, have the right amount of almond extract, and be equally delicious with our without icing on them. I have perused Pinterest time and time again for the perfect sugar cookie recipe and last year I finally found it here! I will let you go to the Love Grows Wild blog for the recipe because she has a lot of good pictures and info on there.

IMG_2560The genius part of this recipe is rolling out the dough BEFORE you put it in the fridge to chill. Duh! Why have I never done that before?!
It’s so easy to cut out and work with after it’s been in the fridge for a bit. I usually wait about 30 min. or so. IMG_2565I got 20 cookies out of this batch. My pumpkin cookie cutter is fairly large, it’s like a cookie and a half….the perfect size if you ask me. I baked half of them and layered the rest between parchment paper in an air-tight container to freeze for later. I love having cookies ready to bake when we have company coming or when a craving strikes. (They only take about 8 min. to bake.)IMG_2568IMG_2573There is just something about Fall that makes me want to get my booty in the kitchen and bake!  Here is the full recipe once again from Love Grows Wild. Her pictures are a whole lot prettier than mine, but hopefully mine taste just as good!



Sianara Summer

I like Summer, but I don’t LOVE Summer. I LOVE Fall.

As a kid I loved Summer, but really only for the sole reason that we were out of school. I hate the super hot temps and crowded parks and playgrounds. I get all giddy this time of year when the weather starts to cool down a bit and I don’t have to run the AC at full blast. I can’t wait to get out my hoodies and comfy sweatshirts. Especially now while I’m pregnant and have the awkward, early baby belly (you know the one where people can’t tell if your preggo or just packed on a few pounds). I also love swapping out some decor around the house and burning my fall scented candles. It really is my favorite season and it seems to go by so fast.  Here are a few of my Fall favorites:

fall 2015

1.  A nice Fall-scented candle. I love this Farmstand Apple scent, it instantly makes the whole house smell like Fall.

2.  Comfy, casual boyfriend jeans. They just go so well with sweaters and boots. Perfect jeans for fall weather.

3.  I have my eye on this sweater jacket. It can be thrown on over anything to leave the house or to snuggle up with inside on the couch.

4.  These gold-dipped glasses add just a touch of Fall and would look great all the way through New Years and beyond.

5.  I NEED to add these Burgundy boots to my collection…

6.  This is the time of year I like to pull out my cozy throws and drape them on the couch for easy access.

7.  I have been wavering on this poncho trend, but I think now is the perfect time to go for it. They look so comfy and can fit around the growing baby bump.

8.  Adding metallics is one of my favorite ways to transition the house for Fall without going full harvest theme. This copper bowl be a great accent anywhere in the house.

Hurry up and get here Fall!

Well Hello Fall, You Beautiful Thing, You.

I love Summer as much as the next gal, but Fall, Fall is my favorite. The weather is perfection. Cool crisp air is so refreshing after this super hot Summer. I get to pull out deliciously scented candles, bake pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, wrap myself in a cozy throw and drink hot apple cider.

Fall also has two of my favorite holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving! Holidays that encourage you to eat candy and pumpkin pie?…sign me up. I also get to celebrate Hollis’ birthday (this week! eek!) and my birthday (thanksgiving!).

So goodbye Summer. Goodbye hot, muggy weather. Goodbye mosquitos. Goodbye getting into a stifling hot car. Goodbye swimsuit shopping….you will missed least of all.

Not a whole lot changes at our house as far as décor goes when Fall arrives. I try to make subtle changes and take cues and inspiration from the colors of Fall when it comes to decorating our house this time of year. I don’t like to store a lot of season specific décor. It’s not that I don’t like some of it, I just don’t have room to store it the rest of the year. But I do like to trade out a few pieces for more of a “Fall” look and to keep things fresh. For me, I prefer to change out little things, like placements, napkins, throw pillows, hand towels, vases, etc. Here are few things I would love to incorporate this Fall.

fall decor^^Clockwise from top: Ombre throw, Decanter with wood stopper, Embroidered Kosala Pillow, Glazed Terracotta bakeware, Geo Salt & Pepper shakers, Riad Wool Rug, Gold Facet Vase, Tatiana Napkin set of 4