Ice Storm


A little bit of a different post today since Mother Nature has halted some of my projects. We were hit with an ice storm Sunday and Monday. Our power was out for about 14 hours, which was a pain, but could have been much, much worse considering there are still thousands around us who still have no power yet.

I was hoping for snow. Like a real snow, not the light dusting stuff we keep getting.  Hollis has yet to be able to really play in the snow and she DYING to do so. She talks about snow angles and building a snowman on the regular around here. But no such luck this time around, just a bunch of ice and falling limbs.







I took about a hundred pics, because what else do you do when your power is out so long?! Today the sky is clear and blue, and the sun is shining bright. All the ice has melted into nice muddy puddles. Can’t wait for everything to dry out so I can get back to my projects!…and also pick up about a million tree limbs.





DIY: Rustic Farmhouse Shelves

We’ve been living here on the farm for two years now. That’s so crazy to me. I love how peaceful and serene it is. I love having cows for neighbors. But the best thing about living on a farm is when we find cool, old stuff.

And by we, I mean my husband usually. He gets to work out in the fields and pastures and explore the old buildings on the farm. He brings all kinds of cool things home. His latest find was this piece of old wood siding. I told him I needed some wood for shelves I wanted to make in the bathroom and Voila! he brought this gem to me.


I immediately loved the hole in it and all the marks and roughness of it. I hosed down about a half-inch of dirt and grime off of it and then cut it to the size I needed. The board was 7″ deep which was perfect for my small shelves. I cut 2, 30″ long pieces from it.

IMG_3160.JPGAfter I had them cut, I got out the power sander and went to town. I wanted to keep all of the ruggedness, but take off the grime that I couldn’t wash off. I also wanted to smooth out anything that might snag something or give someone a splinter. Then I gave them 3 coats of a clear Minwax Polyacrylic stain in a satin finish.

I have had these box shelves in the bathroom above the toilet pretty much since we moved in. They were fine for a bit of decoration, but they felt small and insignificant. I really wanted to add something more substantial and have room to put out things like towels and wash cloths for guests.

IMG_3165I went with simple, black metal brackets. I love how rugged the edges are and that you can see all the knots and grooves in the wood. The clear stain really helped seal everything and show off the imperfections that we loved so much.



The black hardware really added some nice contrast to the blue and white bathroom. I added some more black accessories to tie things together. I also spray painted the hooks on the towel rack black to match. I took down our brushed nickel hand towel ring and replaced it with one of the big, black metal hooks I found in one of the closets to add some more of the farmhouse feel.


I like that the shelves are deep enough to set out towels for guests, but don’t protrude too far into the narrow bathroom. And all the black accents help tie in the shower curtain which kind of felt a little out-of-place before.


So that’s it. I’m kind of obsessed with these guys. Can’t wait to see what Brian brings home from the farm next!




DIY Basket Swag Light

IMG_2936I hate to admit this, but sometimes my husband has a good idea….it doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes he surprises me.

We have this corner of our living room that is apparently where light goes to die. Literally. I had a lamp there and it just died and had to be trashed. It broke an embarrassingly long time ago and since then we’ve been living with a dark, dreary corner. We also have these ceiling hooks that have been there since we moved in and I kept meaning to take them down, but never got around to it. This is a case where my procrastination has paid off, because for months I’ve been seeing so many awesome swag lights all over the interwebs. I decided keeping those hooks, which are conveniently placed right by an outlet, and finding a cool swag light would the best solution to my problem.


So I searched and searched for the perfect light. Something like this caged pendant light is what I had in mind. I almost pulled the trigger on one, but then Brian told be he had seen an old egg basket in one of the buildings on the farm and that it would make a cool light. So I waited not knowing what the heck this basket was going to look like or if it would work with the light cord we needed to buy. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised with what he brought home. It was perfect. I even liked the chipped, yellow paint. So all I had to purchase was a light cord and a light bulb.


The only thing I didn’t really like was the baskets handle hanging down. I was also afraid it would be a little too tempting for our toddler to grab and try to swing from. I wanted to remove it, but once again, Brian chimed in and said I might want it on there some day. He’s right, and if I remove it, it will just get lost and I’ll never find it when I decide I want it. So instead, I grabbed some wire I had on hand, it’s basically fishing wire but silver. I think it is really meant for making jewelry, but I just wrapped a little around the handle and basket and tied it. Viola.


After that, all I had to do was thread my light cord through the hole and add a light bulb.



I’m really happy with our new light. And I like that it was a collaborative effort and my husband can’t complain about it, because it was his idea too. My light cord and Edison bulb together cost about $25, so not too bad on the wallet either. Maybe someday I’ll break down and paint it, but for now, I’m really liking the yellow, vintage vibe.

Wheat Harvest 2015

I can’t believe harvest has already come and gone. It is such a crazy whirlwind. As if cutting ALL the wheat (there’s a lot of it) wasn’t enough, there is also hay to be swathed, raked, and bailed, plus all the every day farm things that need to get done. There is a lot going on in a short amount of time. Needless to say, Brian is a very busy guy during harvest and the only time we get to see him is while he is at work. So that’s what we do!

Harvest // Harvest // Harvest // Harvest // Harvest // Harvest // Harvest //