I’m A Cheap Date

I love flea markets…and garage sales…and thrift stores….and generally anything that saves me a few bucks. I just love shopping for stuff, even groceries. It’s a sickness I’m pretty sure. One of the reasons I became an interior designer is because I get to basically go shopping for pretty things with other people’s money. What’s better than that?! Nothing.

So when Brian pointed out to me that June Jaunt was coming up, I got super excited. “What is June Jaunt?”, you ask. Good question. It’s basically a neighborhood-wide garage sale on crack. It runs from Tribune to Ellinwood Kansas the first weekend in June. Each town along the way has their own activities going on. Some had concerts, dances, walk/run, car shows, relays, dodgeball tournaments….so many different things to do. Most importantly, there are flea markets, antique stores, garage sales, crafts, food, etc. We only went as far as Rush Center and then made our way back down to Ellinwood which is the closest town to us. This was my first time and I was really only interested in the shopping aspect this trip. When Hollis is older, we may hang out longer in each town and participate in more of the other activities going on.

Bright and early Saturday morning we headed to Rush Center with my list in hand. Yes, I take a list when flea market shopping. Sometimes I get too excited and want to buy every sparkly, shiny thing I see, so a list keeps me on track. Of course if I see something super awesome that’s not on my list, I still usually end up getting it. On my list for this particular trip was: a bench, unique containers, mirror, side table, and frames.

And here is what I actually ended up bringing home…

IMG_0457 ^^  Aren’t these 50’s style chairs great? I got the pair for $45 thanks to Brian’s aunt Carolyn. I hemmed and hawed a little bit before deciding I couldn’t leave without them. They weren’t on my list and I was trying to decide where I could use them in my house….I’m still not 100% sure, but I will find a place for them. I mean, they are gold and glittery! Not to mention they are in great shape, I don’t have to do anything to them except clean them up a bit.

IMG_0454^^ Here is a close-up of that gold glitter, it’s a little hard to photograph, but it’s there and it’s awesome.

IMG_0465^^I’ve been keeping an eye out for some new lamps for our bedroom and this guy was only $2. So now he’s mine. There was another brass one with him, a big chunky round one, and I’m regretting not snatching him up too.

IMG_0468^^I didn’t need this light at all, but he and the light above were both at garage sales that you could tell were heavily hit on Friday and didn’t have much left when we were there Saturday. The sellers were VERY motivated to sell the rest of their stuff and close shop. The owner of this light was going to throw it away. I offered her $1 and she said I could just take it, so I did. I might be able to use it on the back porch or something.

IMG_0472^^This mirror was actually on my list, so I was very excited to find him. We found him at our very first stop, so I almost didn’t get him because I thought for sure I’d find plenty of mirrors along the way. Luckily I did get him because I didn’t find anymore after that first stop. I paid the full $15, which I thought was a really fair price. It’s a BIG mirror, a lot bigger than I was really looking for and I couldn’t find a single scratch on him. Delilah is a big fan of lying around and looking at herself if in it already.

IMG_0474^^This little brass thing I think is a sconce plant holder of some sort. It was marked .50 but I ended up getting it for free with my other purchase. I’m wanting to do a chalkboard wall somewhere in the house and I thought this would be a cute little container to hold chalk and erasers.

IMG_0479^^I got these little tea boxes at the same place as the sconce. There’s so many things they could be used for and they were only a $1. For now I’m going to actually keep, wait for it….tea in them. They fit perfectly in the cubbies of my coffee bar.

IMG_0488^^I also came home with a handful of scarves and handkerchiefs. I love them for a few different things. My mom always gets hankies at antique stores and now she’s got me doing it too! But they are they perfect size and material for little baby head wraps.

10155883_880433065045_7337572592432989243_n^^See?! Perfect.

I’d like to check June Jaunt out again next year. I think I would try to go on Friday though instead of Saturday just to see if there is a lot more stuff. As sparce as some of the sales were on Saturday, I can’t imagine anything would be left on Sunday. Any other thrifty shoppers out there? What do you like to look for at flea markets and garage sales?