Laundry Refresh

It’s been a minute since I’ve actually written a post! We have been road-tripping and enjoying what is left of Summer before Hollis starts her first year of pre-school next week. I have been taking a break from projects and have been focusing on organizing ALL THE THINGS. I have gutted all the closets, except the bedroom closets, which I plan to tackle soon. A lot of our closets on the first floor have not been sorted through since we moved here, I kind of just dumped random things in them that didn’t have a home at the time. Now that we are settled here, a lot of the items found homes elsewhere in the house, and other things got purged and donated.

Anyway…while I was organizing the laundry room closet, which is also our coat closet, I felt like the whole room could really use a refresh. The laundry room is right off the entry way when you walk into our house. It’s literally the first room you see and it really doesn’t reflect the style of our house.  It has a door on it, but honestly we never shut it. You can always see right into the laundry room when you walk in the door. Because of that, I’ve gotten pretty good at keeping the room tidy, but there is no decor whatsoever and the wall color is leftover paint from our last house.


I had hung a couple of utility shelves with rods when we first moved here. I thought that I would use them a lot more than I do, but I really don’t store much on them and I usually only hang a couple of things at a time so I really don’t need so much hanging space. I ended up taking the shelves down and using them in the coat closet. I hung them quite a bit higher than the rod that was in there to free up space below the coats. I originally had a rolling laundry cart with three canvas bins for sorting laundry….but I NEVER used it. It just collected things in it that we were too lazy to put away. So I also moved it into the closet under the coats and that is where we keep and organize our sport/outdoor activities (ie. balls, baseball mitts, bats, kites, etc.)


After all the closet organizing, I was left with a half empty laundry room. I was able to really think about what I need in the space and not just feel like I have to fill the space with stuff we already have because that is what worked in our old house. I can’t believe it took me three years to figure that out!

I want to just do a mini-makeover to revive the space and add some style and personality to it, because it’s definitely lacking right now. Here is my to-do list:

  • paint the walls
  • switch out the fluorescent light fixture
  • add a shelf to hold a laundry basket or two
  • add a hook(s) to hang a few laundered items
  • add some artwork
  • add some decorative storage containers
  • maybe add a plant to liven up the space
  • hang items like the drying rack and ironing board
  • find a new runner


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Color Conundrum: Picking Paint Colors

Everyone has a hobby. Some people love to scuba dive, polka dance, or….iron….? (extreme ironing is seriously a thing you guys) What’s my hobby?  My hobby is picking out paint colors.  People, do you realize how excited about paint swatches as I get? Sometimes I even make up rooms that need to be painted JUST so I can pick out paint for them. (Extreme ironing doesn’t sound so weird now, does it?) So moving into a house where every room needs to be painted, is basically awesome for me.

In our last house, I was very safe with my paint color selections. We lived in a split-level with a fairly open floor plan. From the living room, you could see the dining room, kitchen, entry, and the upper and lower hallways. To keep things cohesive, I used a really neutral gray color palette. We also repeated a lot of the same wall colors.  For instance, the dining room was the same color as our master and the living room was the same color as the hallway and guest room. Not only did we save a little money by getting the most out of our paint, but it also created a nice flow throughout the house.

When we first moved to the farm-house, I wasn’t crazy about the idea of having so many closed-off rooms. Our house was built-in the 1890’s so open floor plans weren’t really a thing then.  I missed the open feeling of our last house. Now after living here for a few months, I’m starting to really like having clearly separate rooms that can be closed off when we want. It’s also kind a of game-changer when it comes to picking out paint colors. Since you can’t see the whole house from one room, I feel like I can be a little more adventurous with my paint selection. I still love a good neutral, but I feel like I should embrace this opportunity to experiment with a little more color.

Here’s what colors we have going on so far…

sparkling lake valspar


exciting orange

Exciting Orange Sherwin-Williams


grayish sherwin williams

Grayish Sherwin-Williams

IMG_0517These three rooms are all connected by the entry way so I need the entry way paint color to compliment each room. I wanted something just neutral enough that it would look good next to other colors, but not necessarily beige or white. My first thought was a darker gray, similar or even the same as the color of the cabinets in the kitchen. But I was afraid it would look too cold or  be overkill with all the gray going on in the kitchen.  I want it too feel like its own space and not an extension of the kitchen. I ended up with a very pale mint green. It reads kind of gray on the computer screen, but in person it is the perfect shade of pale, pale mint.

ante meridian valsparHere it is before I started painting. I have to admit the brown bothered me a lot less with our new floor and painted trim. As you can see I filled in a lot of nail holes. (just wait ’til you see all the nail holes in the bedrooms!)

IMG_0664IMG_0663Here it is after one coat, sorry for the terrible lighting in this photo, but I wanted to show you how green it really can be.  And yes, I still need to paint that trim around the attic access. I keep forgetting about it until I see it in pics!

thegoldbrickroad.comAnd here it is after two coats. I was a little worried it was too green after the first coat, but after two coats, it’s calmed down a bit.  I think the white trim helps show its true color. I love how subtle the green is, it changes throughout the day in different light.

IMG_0758I still have a lot to do in here, (and a lot to do with that sad little bench) but I am glad all the brown is gone and all the holes are patched up. I want to do something fun on the walls. Nothing too fancy, but I definitely want to add some charm to the entry way since it’s the first room everyone sees.

Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?…

Knock. Knock.

That little gem is my inner first grade comedian coming out. You’re welcome.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the laundry room lately…Not actually doing much laundry though. Normally I avoid the laundry room for as long as possible. I think I’ve mentioned before that this is the first real laundry room I’ve had, so I really want to make all of my laundry dreams come true and make it awesome. I’m claiming it as MY room. (not that anyone was fighting me for that title) I figure it’s the only room I will ever get to myself since no one else wants to hang out in there, and if they do, I will be sure to put them to work. I need it to be a place I actually want to spend some time in. Even if it’s just to close the door and scream into a pile of dirty laundry….because that happens some days.

When we moved in, our laundry room was looking a little sad, and a lot dirty. Definitely not a place I would want to hang out for too long. My shiny new washer and dryer looked so out-of-place in there.


photo 4-001


Don’t get me wrong, it was still a giant step-up from our last confessional booth laundry room. And and a giant-er (that’s a word) step-up from our last washing machine. I so wanted to do this to it.







The first necessary change was pulling out the carpet and laying tile which you can read about here. We are really loving the tile, especially how much easier it is to keep clean in the entry/laundry/kitchen and bathroom.




I knew I wanted a bright, cheery color. It’s a small room, but not tiny and it gets good natural light thanks to a small window, so I knew it could handle a bold color. I had leftover orange paint from our last house, we used it in the office before it became the nursery. I liked it then, but with the wood floors in the room, it just never really worked for me. The glossy wood floors would really reflect the wall color and bounce light around, it just was too much going on. But here, with our new matte gray tile, I thought I would try it again. If I end up hating it, I can always paint over it.

The first coat was not looking promising. I used Sherwin-Williams Exciting Orange. I use Sherwin-Williams paint a lot and have had very few issues with it but, for some reason this color is super watery. I remember it being runny when I used it at the last house too. So instead of my usual two-coat application, this was more of a four coat (five in some places) application.  You can see in this pic below, the right side is one coat and the left side is two coats. Luckily it’s a small room and I still got it painted pretty fast.


photo 4-002


This brown wall is what took five coats…..I hated this wall.


photo 1-004


So…four to five coats later,  I was left with a cheery, peachy orange. I just love gray and orange together, it’s one of my favorite color combos. It feels really fresh and modern and gets me in the mood to fluff and fold, well, as much as one can be in the mood for that.


photo 3-002


And here’s the mostly finished product. I figured I better snap some pics before the laundry roles in. It’s just so happy and clean…it will never be this clean again…EVER. The trim also got painted a nice bright white, I don’t regret that decision at all, it really needed it.










I’ve been living with my new room for a couple of weeks now, and I’m loving it.  It’s the only room that I’m not constantly picking things up in, it just stays nice and clean. All it needs now is a wine fridge, a chaise lounge, and a pile of my fave design mags and I would be “doing laundry” ALL the time!